This year was my first experience with a Polar Plunge. No, I didn’t go in. With my years of surfing, I have have plenty of cold water experience, so I watched this one behind the camera on the beach. I attended because my wife, Kathleen, participated with some of her students from the Red Bank Charter school. 

The plunge in Asbury is sponsored by the non-profit “Sons of Ireland.” They are in their 11th year of the event, this year benefiting 5 excellent charities: 180 Turning Lives Around, Horizons Student Enrichment Program, Parker Family Clinic, Impact Oasis, and the Kret Family Foundation.

The event was a fun, well-organized party.  While I waited by the shoreline, spectators were lined up to see the plunge. From Convention Hall you could hear the bag pipes, followed by the roar of a crowd of scantily clad participants. As they lined up behind the yellow tape the roar grew louder until two men busted through,  then the rest followed. I felt like I was a part of the running of the bulls, about to be trampled. As people ran past me into the water I could hear the screams. I quickly turned around to see the rush these people were experiencing, freezing their butts off. There were so many different types of people participating in this great event. That’s what I love about Asbury Park!

Maybe next year I’ll see you in the water?

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