I do some of my best reading in the (ah-hem), “office, ” and for months I’ve had magazines scattered across the floor. Don’t get me wrong, it’s been a fun and dangerous trick–balancing on slick coated paper on top of wet linoleum first thing in the morning. I of course have absolutely mastered a-morning-ice-skating-rink-in-my-bathroom ritual, but to fix the problem it’s time I worked on another storage project in my little pad- a place for my bathroom reading subscriptions to hang. Enter some inspiration from others and this old wooden crate I was given a few years ago. Thanks gift giver, where ever you are. Under my ownership it’s served a few purposes, none of which include its original use-as a Frank’s Cherry Tomato 12 individual pints carrier. Personally, I think it’s finally found its true calling in life, as a magazine rack.

As most wooden crates do, this thing had a bottom to it, three small slats nailed in that I banged out with a hammer. This crate is old and cool, and like most old and cool things, it’s fragile. Be gentle with your banging.

Next I measured and marked along the sides where I wanted my magazines to hang. In other words, the horizontal lines you’ll create to hang your ‘zines from. From your awesome second story porch, or wherever your workshop happens to be, drill your holes. Periodically, check-in on your lady getting dressed for a Sunday event, or whatever awesome and welcome distraction happens to pull you temporarily away from DIY time and drill some more. Just keep your drill bit straight and you’ll be good to go.


I used some kitchen twine to hang my magazines from but I’ve read others have used split electrical cord or even coat hangers. I attempted a “monkey fist” knot on one end but gave up after a few minutes. Damn those things are fucking tough. I settled with a double overhand knot on one end and started “lacing up” my bathroom reading holder. The size of the material you use will obviously determine the size of the hole you drill and keeping the hole snug seems to works best.

I ended with another knot pulling the twine tight, keeping the lines from sagging too much. A little slack will inevitably happen but don’t sweat it, this is your creation.

That’s about it, go find the page where that last great article you were reading was, open up to it and hang your magazine on that spread. Multiple problems solved, no more dog ears in your magazine pages and your magazines are up off the floor.

I’m still deciding if I’m going to hang my rack or simply lean it against a wall, both seem to be decent options so pick the best that works for your space. Now go peek on your lady, (or man) again, enjoy the view and your new magazine rack!

DIY for life…

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