Sometimes it’s better to let things sink in before trying to write or speak about them. Often,  when I speak or write quickly, without letting my spiraling thoughts align in my head, I don’t express myself the right way. In fact,  I sometimes just blurt out some dumb ass shit. I’m sure many of you can relate to that.

It’s been a few months now since the “storm” and I still don’t feel I have anything to say that truly captures the effect it’s had on so many. Luckily, I only lost work and power for about two weeks. I still haven’t fully recovered monetarily. On the flip-side though,  some people lost everything.  

As a surfer, I look forward to hurricane season every year. I was excited about Hurricane Sandy, just like I was about Irene the year prior. I envisioned big lines of water rolling in from the ocean depths. I could hear their voices calling my name, beckoning me to immerse myself in the oceanic dreamscape. Sadly my maritime dreams never came to fruition. Actually, they became nightmares for many.

Robert Grieb has done on film what I couldn’t do with words. His short film on Hurricane Sandy, “A Storm to Remember”, does a solid job of expressing the powerful impact this storm had on our coastline.

Please watch and continue to help others that are still in need.

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