I have a longstanding love/hate relationship with winter here in New Jersey.

I love this frigid bitch winter, as I look forward to bigger surf, empty beaches and less crowded line ups. The growling, gapping barrels, we surfers anticipate most of all. But in a world of duality, these pros are not left without their counterpart cons. 

I’ve never been a fan of offshore winds so harsh, mixed with freezing cold water temperatures, that it feels like my face is melting off. All this while wearing a 5mm wetsuit, boots, gloves and a hood. That shit’s for the birds my friend! I like to be flexible and agile when I’m in the water. Instead I feel about as mobile as the Stay Puff marshmallow man. But hey, I’m not complaining, just being honest. Besides when the conditions are on, it’s well worth the hassle.

We’ve been blessed with some of the best swells in a long time this season, but equally cursed with some long flat-spells. Last Wednesday we had an unexpected round of good waves, followed by more good swell Sunday and Monday.

Yesterday saw yet another large swell, well overhead, with fierce, speedy tubes. I had to work all day and missed it. But through the wonders of Facebook I was able to see pics posted by friends throughout the day. For those who surfed, hope you had fun.

As I write this there is still solid swell in the water. With that said I’m wrapping this up, heading to the beach and hoping to get some fun ones. See you in the water.

Check out the images from the last few days of waves, taken by local Bradley Beach, NJ photographer Scott Miller at BB photography.

Wed Feb 20th

Tip-O'Neill--Wed--Still charging in his forties, Tip O’Neill is a local legend.

Waves-Wed-Wednesday February 20th turned out to be much better then forecasted. Line after line of peeling waves with offshore winds.

Sunday Feb 24th

Unknown--Cut-Back--Sunday-Unknown surfer ready to wrap a frontside cutback

Buddy-Bumbico--Sunday--(2)Buddy Bumbico was getting dredging tubes the whole session

Zappo--Fins-Free--Monday-Shawn Zappo full fin release frontside snap

Zappo--Bottom-Turn--Sunday-Shawn Zappo driving hard of the bottom with his eyes on the lip

Zappo--Pitching-Section--Sunday-Shawn Zappo laying into a thick pitching section

Mark-Sorbo-below-sea-level--Sunday-Mark Sorbo setting up for a meaty, below sea level barrel

Zappo-High-Speed--Sunday-Shawn Zappo with a solid snap at high speed

Monday Feb 25th


Shawn Zappo bottom turn on a Blue/green gem

Wed Feb 27th

Monmouth-County-Wed-Feb-27thIn double overhead conditions, a lone surfer paddles out in Monmouth County

Photo at top: Shawn Zappo throwing buckets with a skatey tail slide


  1. Kathleen says:

    Thanks Shawn for the ‘swell’ blog and pics~ I miss Belmar and Allenhurst:( living along the Delaware now I only get white caps on the river, lol~

  2. Shawn Zappo says:

    Thanks Kathleen, Glad you dug the story/photos. Had some really good waves this winter and last week was exceptional. I can’t live away from the ocean, but at least you have some body of water to enjoy.

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