The Anchor is coastal Monmouth’s County’s foremost arts and culture webzine. What’s a webzine? Who knows? But it sounds good so we’re going with it.

All kinds of cool shit will be seen and heard here. We’re striving to kick the doors open on the local (and not so local) creative online community. The website was designed to be simple and clean with a focus on visual impact and easy navigation.

And we think the result is pretty damn special. You haven’t seen a website like this around here, that’s for sure.

The Anchor will feature lots of great photography and handpicked selections in the areas of art, music, surf, skate, motorcycles, film, fashion, design, food, and more. We will also be producing our own short films as well.

If you’re a local creative and are interested in contributing please email us at asburyanchor@gmail.com.


Jason Thomson is an injured surfer (my lower back is fucked at this moment), motorcycle rider, graphic designer, writer, amateur photographer, collector of all kinds of cool shit, interior space planner and shitty drummer. This Asbury Park resident currently serves as Editor for triCityNews and is completely obsessed with the affectionately known “city by the sea”. Hence the reason The Anchor was born.

Shawn Zappo is a local surfer and skater who rules the stoves at Kaya’s Kitchen in Belmar. He’s also a musician and will be writing about his surf and skate related experiences as well as reviews on bands and whatever the hell else he feels like writing about. Shawn is currently working with Robbie Grieb on an exlusive Anchor film series called “Ripped Ruins: An Asbury Park Skate Retrospective” which will cover the history of the Asbury Park skate scene as told by its key players, both past and present.

Karissa Monica has her hand in cookie jars all over Asbury. She’s the Assistant Creative Director at triCityNews, a tattoo apprentice at Attractive Tattoo on Main Street and also works the door at Toast on Cookman Ave. Karissa is no doubt a kick ass now, take names later artist and recently collaborated with myself on The Anchor Map Project which is basically a hand drawn map of Asbury with all of our favorite stomping grounds listed on the back. We’ll be passing them out around town and they’ll be available at a few select locations. There will also be an interactive version of the map on the website in the near future. Check out Karissa’s hand-drawn Anchor logo here.

Mike Boylan is a creative genius in our eyes. This surfer and former owner of Stokaboka Surf Shop in Red Bank has already blown our minds with his first contribution to The Anchor, “The Faces of Downtown Asbury.” We’ve got some more stuff in the works with Mike that we look forward to showing off soon. See some of his film work at mikeboylan.tumblr.com.

Jenna Zilincar is the head chief over at M Studio on Bangs Ave. That’s downtown Asbury’s design and marketing powerhouse whose attention to detail and quality output are mind boggling. Jenna will be giving you her two cents in the local design arena. www.mdidit.com

John Defiora is an Asbury Park based photographer who knows how to take a dang picture. John is crazy, in a good way and it’s that craziness that translates into his amazingly creative photography. You may see him around town at any given moment shooting great shit for the website. Check out his work at www.johndefiora.com.

Seth Ferris is a recently appointed Digital Art Director for The Sawtooth Group in Red Bank, a surfer, budding chef, total DIY’er, not quite off the ground moto-lifestyle brand TWO Moto founder and all around creative dude. This long time Ocean Grove resident will show off stuff he likes to build, take a part, repurpose and ride as well contribute in the areas of surf & moto.

Chris Spiegel is an Ocean Grove skater who takes pics like a madman. We’ll be showing off his skills when it comes to snapping skaters and surfers and will post anything else he’s got going on. Which is a lot! See his stuff at www.blurrevision.com.

Matt Catalano is a Brielle native who definitely gets around. This wave rider spends his time traveling around the world photographing some of the best surfers on the planet. Matt will be sending pics to The Anchor from the water, no matter how far away he is from home. “Chronicles of a Traveling Surf Photographer” will feature Matt’s obsession with the ocean, its waves and surfing. Visit Matt’s website at www.neverendingsearch.net. The site is in the process of being completed.

Dan Jacobson is Publisher of triCityNews and also Publisher of The Anchor. His job is to make sure the foundation under this media platform is solid. Dan also gives overall strategic advice to The Anchor, with the directive that the creativity of the contributors comes first and is never compromised.

But we want more creatives working alongside The Anchor. Take a good look at the site and what we’re covering. If you think we are missing out on something or just want to contribute in anyway, email us at asburyanchor@gmail.com. If we like what you’re putting out there we’ll get right back to you.

Artwork above by Karissa Monica

The Anchor is presented by triCityNews.


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