The Greenpoint Spill is a full circle project of sorts for New Jersey based avant-indie band Accidental Seabirds. The group, which initially started out as a solo project for frontman Jesse Lee Herdman while he was living in Brooklyn a few years back, has evolved into a full bodied, tight knit collection of multi-instrumentalists and vocal harmonies.

The band is set for a release party at Asbury Lanes on Friday, January 10th along with Thomas Wesley Stern, The Porchistas, and Creeptones.Doors at 8PM.

Herdman tells us of the origins of the group, “The first album The Snow and the Full Moon was recorded by my roommate in our apartment; I played drums, piano, guitar, vox, etc. and had a small amount of guest musicians on the record. One of these guests was my long-time collaborator, Jimmy James Cutrera. When we moved back to NJ, James and I teamed up with bassist Anthony Defabritus. A few drummers later we ended up with Alex Letizia, a solid percussionist and a fine human being.”

The Greenpoint Spill was recorded with a DIY mentality, in the comfort of the band’s own home and mixed & mastered by Defabritus at his AntFARM (studios).

Says Herdman, “This doesn’t mean it’s a lo-fi garage recording. On the contrary, we took our time getting the right sounds, and we have plenty of recording experience. Defabritus is a Berklee gradate (music production & performance) and I studied audio recording at OCVTS for a couple years and have been recording and producing records for over 10 years. Defabritus has worked on albums by local favorites Thomas Wesley Stern, Mad Feather Group, Lightning Jar, Bog Iron Bloom, Little Big Toe, and more.”


The CDs were also made with handmade packaging (see video below) and are available through and at their live shows.

The album name was inpsired by Herdman’s days living in Greenpoint, Brooklyn where many of the band’s songs were written.

“Beneath Greenpoint sits a revolting blob of petroleum byproduct. It is considered one of the largest underground oil spills in history and is thought to be linked to cancer clusters in north Brooklyn. I wanted to bring awareness to this situation and also tip my hat to one of my favorite neighborhoods in the country. The spill sits on top of the water table, where it has been polluting the aquifer for over a hundred years. I saw this, at one point, as a metaphor. I felt some negative things creeping into my life and decided to do a mental clean-up.”

For more information visit The Asbury Lanes is located at 209 4th Ave. in Asbury Park.


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