As is always the case, Collingwood Auction in Farmingdale was a shit show this weekend. And that’s just the way we like it. Raw and dirty. Good stuff was to be had in just about every corner of this junker’s paradise. Lots of fine and crazy characters as usual. Allstar vendor Victor was his typical eccentric self. It was a hot one. And Vic, who can always be heard preaching his love of Jesus, beat the heat with a classic umbrella hat. He was also caked (seriously) head to toe in sunblock and shouted out great deals with a mouthful of food flying all over his merchandise. Sick. But the guy’s gotta eat.

Across the way was this old black dude, guitar in hand, barking like a dog over a loud speaker. Funny as shit. Then there was the guy walking with crutches without any visible limp sporting a “Don’t Trust Anyone” tee. Is this the country we’ve become? We’re thinking some kind of workman’s comp case on this one.

 But the real highlight this weekend is what we rescued from the trash heaps. Some very cool and very old amber whiskey bottles, the one at left adorned with spider webs, and some early 20th century tobacco tins. All this for under $10. An old portrait of some dude in a suit that looks eerily similar to Andy Dufresne from The Shawshank Redemption. $5. And a wagon wheel light fixture that will find new life in an Asbury Park apartment real soon. That score was FREE! Collingwood Auction. Can’t be beat. Not now. Not ever.


  1. nadine says:

    JASON !!!!!! quit writin’ bout collingswood ! yr blowin up my sceen ! . . .aint gonna be no treasures left out there , if u keep tellin e’rbody !

  2. THE ANCHOR says:

    Nadine, you know that scene’s been blown wide open for years, ha.

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