Little Dickman Records is taking the show on the road so to speak. The Asbury record label, which boasts local bands like TV Tramps, The Battery Electric, Hot Blood, Wolfcock, Inspector 7 and Pretty Blue Ribbon, is heading to SXSW music fest in Austin for a few unofficial showcase shows starting this week. We caught up with Dickman label owner Chris Yaniak and asked him a few questions about heading west. 

So how did Little Dickman taking Asbury bands to SXSW come about? 

Well, the bands have been working really hard recording and playing – they all have a product that is unique. Its (heading to SXSW) also been one of our goals as a step in a forward direction for the label and for these bands.  We love Austin and we have built some relationships with people there and we want everyone to have the Austin experience because we feel its truly a great one, it oozes rock and roll.

How did you decide on the bands you are taking to Austin? 

We said we were gonna do this, and put out some feelers and whoever showed interest and felt like it would be beneficial is who ended up in the van, and the best part is, all of them took advantage and booked a whole tour around it so its not just Texas that will be experiencing these acts – it will also be Nashville, New Orleans, Birmingham, Knoxville and many more!

How will the exposure from SXSW help Little Dickman? 

Time will tell, but everyones been itching to get out of Asbury and the Tri-State area, so this will be great opportunity.  We are also playing host to some other great bands like local favorites, Lost in Society, The Phuss, a kick-ass rock band from Dallas/Ft. Worth, a crazy, heavy stoner-rock band from Portlandia called Sons of Huns and this quirky garage punk rock act from LA, Girl Tears.

Basically, its time to get out of Asbury Park to spread the word of the rock and roll coming out of this town.

Any new bands on the Dickman label? 

Yes indeed, TV Tramps just came out with an awesome orange and black 7″ and a new CD. Hot Blood, a ballzy punk rock act who plan on taking over the world, Corrina, Corrina an impressive young punk rock band that will blow you away, and who knows what else 2014 will bring. We definitely have our sights on a few.

What can people expect to see and hear from Little Dickman in the coming months? 
A lot of stickers on poles…


TV Tramps will be back at it full force promoting their new album, which featuring bassist Claude Coleman Jr. of WEEN, EAGLES OF DEATH METAL, and AMANDLA. Claude took a hiatus while recording Amandla and touring with EODM. The Battery Electric are coming out with an animated music video that they are extremely proud of and will be back in the studio come spring. The Hot Blood Album, No Kings, will be released in March. Corrina, Corrina’s Album, American Short Stories, will be released in April. We will be re-issuing a release from Genocide, an 80s punk band from New Brunswick, that will feature an etched vinyl and  some real wild packaging. The Wolfcock album will hopefully make its debut…

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