I was walking through Asbury trying to survey and document the damage a few days after Hurricane Sandy hit. While making my way through the oceanfront, I came across these four bikers outside The Wonder Bar. Asbury Park used to be their place to hang out and ride motorcycles. They all live in different parts of New Jersey but came back through their old stomping grounds to see what had happened. Pictured are Indian Tom, Tom Von Rothinfink, Richie Pan and Panhead Rick.

John Defiora is an Asbury Park based photographer who knows how to take a dang picture. John is crazy, in a good way and it’s that craziness that translates into his amazingly creative photography. You may see him around town at any given moment shooting great shit for the website. Check out his work at


  1. Chris B says:

    Incredible photo’s…Asbury is on my bucket list..

  2. Jim H. says:

    They should return Mrs. Jays to her former glory . She used to take up the entire block from 1st Ave. to 2nd. Ave. & Ocean Ave. to Kingsley St.
    Mrs. Jays was the most original bar there in Asbury Park and deserves back her former glory . Move the Pony across the street , ( Ocean side onto boardwalk ) And reopen up Mrs. Jays to all . The served Great Food , Beer & Drink , And had Fantastic Music . It was an Open , outdoors bar scenario . that had a roof for foul weather conditions .. It was and still can be the BEST BIKER BAR , East of the Mississippi ..

  3. Paul j green says:

    No better place to grow up,

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