I like to think of Bond Street Bar’s blurry-eyed logo as a sign of things to come. The drinks are cheap, and they offer a not-too-shabby variety of beers. So on any Friday night (or Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday) you could easily leave unable to tell whether their logo is made to look fuzzy or if that last oatmeal stout did the trick. However, no foreshadowings hang above the bar’s entrance to tell of the delectable dishes which lie within. That’s where I come in. 

Before I’d ever been to Bond Street Bar, I heard tales. Tales of a treat so fatteningly delightful, only a mad-man behind a bar (or under one) could have dreamt it up. These tales spoke of the tastebud-tingling, salivation-inducing, artery-clogging delight that is the pork-roll fry. As far as I’ve discerned, pork-roll fries are exactly what they sound like. A hunk of pork-roll is pressed into a fry-cutter, and the resulting pieces of New Jersey’s finest mystery meat are then deep fried and served with barbecue sauce. The result: heaven. If you’re a lightweight, I would recommend trying them with a buddy because they give you a fucking ton, and those things are no light snack.

A few bar patrons enjoying some grub.

Aside from the pork-roll fries, the rest of Bond Street’s menu may seem standard, but its quality surpasses that of most any other bar food I’ve ever eaten. They serve a variety of burgers which require serious double-fisted handling. When I asked the bartender if I could have mine “on the rarer side of medium rare, ” he told me they would make it as bloody as I please – a man after my own heart! They also offer a veggie burger option, and despite my constant carnivorous ramblings, I must admit, I love a good veggie burger. While Bond Street’s veggie burger is a decent alternative, it’s a bit puny and, quite literally, falls flat compared to their traditional beef burgers.

These fine t-shirts are available for sale at the bar

Naturally, the menu doesn’t stop at burgers and pork-roll. Bond Street serves grilled cheese sandwiches prepared a number of ways as well as wonderfully crunchy on the outside, tender on the inside corn-dogs. If you’re bored with the run-of-the-mill tater-tot, they also make sweet potato tots which will leave your taste-buds wondering what else they’ve been missing all these years.

Bond Street Bar is a great place to hang out, grab a few drinks, and dine on some quality bar food. I recommend getting there before 9 if you’d rather not eat standing up because, while the burgers are massive, the establishment is not.

Bond Street Bar,  208 Bond Street  Asbury Park, NJ,  (732) 774-1575,

(Photo at top by Molly Mulshine)

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