Allow me to explain one scenario that will force you to get creative with your living space. In short – being a surfer with an always evolving quiver of boards. Wait, I mean being a surfer with an evolving quiver while living in a small space. Scratch that. What I really meant to say was, being a surfer with an evolving quiver, living in a small space, now with my beautiful girlfriend and her love-able pitbull.

Storing boards can be an issue in a small space and surf rack projects can be a lifesaver in keeping them out of the way and organized. I’m certainly not re-inventing the wheel here, just sharing my build and hopefully inspiring you to fix up your own if you’re in a similar situation. Here it goes.

Adapted from other plans on the internet, I personally began measuring the space that I planned to stand my boards up in. It’s about 4 ft. wide and thankfully deep & tall enough to store my beloved Ryan Lovelace 7’6″ vbowls as well as Lynn’s soft-top and a variety of our current shortboards. That 4 ft. width determined a 1″ x 2″ (a 2×4 was overkill) pine board length that I cut down to about 40″. From there, I measured and marked out equal distances (about 5 inches apart) along the board and drilled some 5/8″ holes on the marks. After a quick beer break, I cut about 6 corresponding 5/8″ dowels down to about 22″ lengths and glued them in place. Some were a snug fit and good wood glue really held all the pieces together tightly once it dried.


This odd looking contraption was then mounted to our wall with some simple drywall screws. I found a height off the floor that balanced all the boards perfectly and made sure it was level. A few additional touches in the near future might include some foam along the long pine board back where the boards touch it to protect the rails and some insulating pipe foam- slipped over the rack dowels to protect the board decks and bottoms.

All in all this was a 2-beer afternoon project, roughly costing no more then 20 bucks. It was fun, easy and instantly gratifying and a great way to keep our boards out of the way. This build has been keeping me and my lady happy and our new little place organized. Hope I’ve inspired you to tackle your own. Shaka, my fellow DIYer’s…

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