Brielle native Matt Catalano is a man who can’t sit still. That’s why he’s always on the move scouting out his next big wave location. Indo one week, Hawaii the next. Of course Matt doesn’t trave…l without his camera (and his surfboard). The result is some pretty spectacular surf photography from all over the world. Matt will be a regular contributor to The Anchor. We’ll be posting some of this lifelong local’s shots with a brief description to go along.

This first pic comes from Sumbawa, Indonesia and was taken back in June of this year. Matt tells The Anchor, “I shot this photo while on a photo trip with a handful of pro women bodyboarders from Venezuela, Spain, Puerto Rico and Brazil. I don’t know the name of the surfer in the photo but happened to capture him on my swim in after a photo session in the evening. I could tell he knew how to surf pretty well and saw him going up for a maneuver and happened to get this floater. Eastern Sumbawa catches the large winter swells of the Indian Ocean from the WSW and the typical tradewinds are mostly offshore this time of year.”

Visit Matt’s website at The site is in the process of being completed. Stay tuned for more of his work.

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