For this Philadelphia native who now refers to California as home, Dave Hause will have a homecoming of sorts when he visits the Asbury Lanes on Thursday, January 23rd at 8PM.

You may be familiar with Hause’s punk band The Loved Ones or seen him on tour with local favorites like The Gaslight Anthem and Bouncing Souls. His latest solo fare draws inspiration from dare I say Bruce Springsteen and is more heartland rock than punk although it does still maintain that fl avor. Hause’s newest album Devour  explores the American dream and broken childhood promises and that everything we grew up believing in turned out to be a much different story. The album was initially meant to become the third record from The Loved Ones but turned into a solo project.

“Devour  is about that inherent American appetite, ” Hause says. “It’s in all the songs in some degree. There’s a reason why Tony Soprano became such a huge American icon – he’s this guy with this insane appetite for women and food and power. I think for the American public to latch onto a fi gure like that says something. Some of the positive things about America come from that as well, but there’s a real sense of reckoning that comes from devouring everything in front of you. Is it ever enough?”

The album, which intertwines folk, rock and punk tones, is an autobiography of sorts and is fi rmly rooted in Hause’s own heritage, from growing up in a blue collar neighborhood to the loss of youthful innocence in a world hell bent on self destruction.

“I wanted to shine a light back on what was going on, ” Hause says. “It was a topic that was close to me and I wanted to write about it. In the end, it leaves you with the idea that if you have music and love you may be able to save yourself. It’s going to be alright. That simple John Lennon concept of all you need is love. That’s how I wrote myself out of the dark and the music begs the listener to come take that risk as well.”

Devour  was produced by Andrew Alekel along with musician and co-producer Mitchell Townsend and features musicians including My Morning Jacket keyboardist Bo Koster, Social Distortion drummer David Hidalgo Jr. and bassist Bob Thomson (no relation to me, I think). Frightened Rabbit’s Scott Hutchison, Alkaline Trio’s Matt Skiba and The Watson Twins also appear on several tracks.

“It was this group effort, ” Hause says. “A lot of trust went into letting Andrew and Mitch be the architects of the record. I trusted that we would get in there and they would know who was right for the music. They wanted to bring these people together in this great studio to get a record that was greater than the sum of its parts. I’m glad I trusted them because it was great to work with everyone there.”

The Asbury Lanes is located at 209 4th Ave. in Asbury Park, NJ 07712. For more info visit asburylanes.com.



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