Eastern Anchors are men of few words. At least in this interview. But that’s exactly how we like it. Short and sweet. No bullshit. Straight to the point. We caught up with this Red Bank based band, asked them a few questions and they fired right back. Eastern Anchors are singer/guitarist Walter Greene, bassist Dave Urbano  and drummer Ken Forbes. See them Friday, May 31st at Asbury Lanes along with The Doug Gillard Electric (featuring Doug Gillard from Guided by Voices and Nada Surf) plus Woods Party and Risk/Reward. Tickets are $12. Doors open at 8pm.

THE ANCHOR: How would you describe Eastern Anchor’s sound?

WALTER: I say we are a loud indie band that leans towards the noisy side. Some reviews have said that we are 90s influenced, but that sounds weird since we all have been playing in bands since the 80s.

THE ANCHOR: Tell us the brief history of the band?

DAVE: Walt and I had a old band together called Aviso’Hara with Ralph who plays in Wreaths. When Aviso’ broke-up in-between there we met Ken. Walt joined Ken in another local band called Clydesdale. Then that band broke-up and they started Eastern Anchors and asked me to join.

THE ANCHOR: Who are some of the band’s musical influences?

EASTERN ANCHORS: Guided by Voices, Dinosaur Jr, Archers of Loaf, Chavez, Drive Like Jehu, most things that Touch and Go and Matador put out.  There’s lots of other stuff, but these bands are most similar to the sonic sandbox we play in.

THE ANCHOR: What local bands are you digging at the moment?

EASTERN ANCHORS: We like Birthwater, Monster Magnet, Ribeye Brothers, Woods Party, Wreaths, Brixton Riot, Stuyvesant.

THE ANCHOR: I was at an Eastern Anchors show at The Saint recently. Something happened and you guys never went on. What happened there?

EASTERN ANCHORS: Shit happens. We recover and move-on. Thankfully, everyone in Birthwater was there and they got up and played a set in our place.  We promise to make up for it on the 31st!

Well said. See Eastern Anchors at Asbury Lanes, located at 209 4th Ave. www.asburylanes.com.

Photo above by Roderick Angle


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