Most days, I feel confident that I’m headed down the right path in my life.  That I’ve mostly made well-considered choices and that all this hard work will be worth the extra effort in the long run.

But some mornings, I wake up feeling like a clipper ship in a teacup; too complicated and too much in my own way to even turn around. 

This morning as I drink my tea, I contemplate ways to simplify and reorganize for the new year.

And to make good on all those promises I made last year.

Karissa Monica has her hand in cookie jars all over Asbury. She’s the Assistant Creative Director at triCityNews, a tattoo apprentice at Attractive Tattoo on Main Street and also works the door at Toast on Cookman Ave. Karissa is no doubt a kick ass now, take names later artist and also worked with Anchor editor Jason Thomson on The Anchor Map Project – a hand drawn promotional map of Asbury with all of our favorite stomping grounds listed on the back. We’ll be passing them out around town and they’ll be available at a few select locations. There will also be an interactive version of the map on the website in the near future. Check out Karissa’s hand-drawn Anchor logo here.

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