Local filmmaker moves to Los Angeles to pursue his dreams. Ends up back in his hometown area of Asbury Park where he writes a film based here in the city. That project leads him back to LA for a premier at the Los Angeles Indie Film Festival which took place on August 21st.

It’s a story we’re happy to tell, as if you needed anymore proof of the mass amount of creative talent we have in and around Asbury Park.

Joseph Henry, a 25 year old writer/actor and director has had his ups and downs like the rest of us. After heading out west for film school back in 2008, the financial stress of living in California ultimately forced Henry home. Working odd jobs and feeling a sense of failure, Henry slipped into a depression. But after emerging from that dark period in his life, Henry sees a bright future through the lens of his latest film, Fontana.

“The city of Asbury Park inspired me to get back to doing what I was born to do, ” says Henry. Write stories, perform any way I could and collaborate with talented people and friends that believed in my visions. And for the first time in my life I am excited about the future and all the new ventures I’m chasing in the world of screenwriting and film, starting with showcasing some amazing talents”

The film, which was has multiple scenes at Bond Street Bar, stars Henry as well as Asbury resident and Bond Street employee James Reilly, frontman for local garage band Ba Babes. The music for the film was scored by local musician Dave Rosen (former guitarist of The Parlor Mob and current member of The Black Jesuses and Sikamor Rooney).


Henry tells us, “Dave is a talented composer of film and I don’t feel many in Asbury know that about him. One listen to his orchestral reels will blow your head right off. Before I even cast my film back in October 2012, I called up Dave, not knowing that he was into composing, but just as a friend and we immediately set up a meeting at the Bond Street Bar. Over a few drinks, he read my script and signed on to score it for me before he turned the last page.”

Fontana is a narrative documentary short film about the tormented, justice hungry, ex British soldier Henry Fontana who reveals his identity as a sociopathic killer to the world for the first time. “The girl from Rumson”, the third chapter of seven in the Fontana story, documents what happens when he finds out her deepest, darkest secret.

“The story of Fontana evolved over countless cups of coffee and a burning desire to create a person that people will fear, with content that is daring, explicit and exciting to watch, ” says Henry. “From day one I was planning on playing this character and as an actor, also wanted to have fun and be someone that I never understood and say and do things I would never say and do.”

Fontana was one of 42 films out of 1000 submissions picked for this year’s L.A. indie film festival, which will feature industry guests, producers, actors and filmmakers of all types.

Henry says, “I have always been a creative writer and loved film, so when I discovered the craft of screenwriting along with the craft of acting and started understanding the process of making a film, there was no looking back. I was hooked and in love and made it my mission to study all of my favorite actors, writers and directors work. I was a sponge trying to absorb all the inspiration I could get my hands on to fuel my fire as a creator.”

Looks like all of that hard work is paying off.

For more info on Fontana visit And for more info on Joseph Henry check him out on twitter @FearFontana.

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