Parlor Gallery’s latest exhibition, the 3 person “Forthcoming”, opens this weekend, Saturday, October 19th at 7PM.

The show features two locals, Porkchop and Bradley Hoffer who are pioneers of the current art scene here in the city. Hoffer opened the former Asbury Art (a gallery where the old Showroom Cinema was located before they moved across the street to their current location) back in 2001. Porkchop’s work can be seen in murals all over town. The two, who’ve collaborated on many projects throughout the city, will be joined by Brooklyn’s Mike Sell.

Here’s a bit about the artists:


For this latest exhibition, Porkchop continues his exploration of religious themes.The artist produced paintings and sculptures on salvaged materials and past works, thus, giving the title of the show a double meaning.

The merging of religious imagery with the older figurative works created a unique multi-layered composition. This effect allows the viewer to see a glimpse of the older and familiar works underneath. Porkchop has constructed a vision of a new religion or a polytheistic version of one from a distant past. Images of deities, cult-like saints and devotees are now the focal point of his works.  Text and typography have always been an important and recurrent element to Porkchop’s work, however, in recent works, the typography has become his own creation, appearing to be a language in itself.  The fonts and typographical symbols are the common thread weaved throughout all the pieces, regardless of the medium.

For “Forthcoming”, Porkchop will be showing paintings, sculptures and drawings. Some of the highlights of the exhibit will be the sculptural embodiment of his fully realized female deities, a ten foot hammerhead shark recreated as a “divine being”, and a relic of a saint-like entity.


Bradley Hoffer

Bradley Hoffer is a multidisciplinary artist born and currently living in New Jersey. His work offers strong and clean images that are based on line and color. The final paintings are actualized and considered to be larger, completed drawings. Bradley’s line creates the image, which is unusual, as it is usually the image which informs the line. This process allows for diverse characteristics of line, form and image. Some objects flow and curlicue, while others have a harder, straight-edge quality. Both bold and muted colors are used to maximize their impact with carefully selected fabrics, both vintage and contemporary. These fabrics are either used as a complete background for the image, or cleverly employed in carefully chosen portions of each piece.

Bradley’s goal while creating his art, is to establish his signature line-style as unmistakably his. The final product is both a witty and therefore comforting view of conflict and a way for the artist to accommodate and acknowledge a dichotomy or problem without really imposing his views or opinion.

bradleyhofferBradley Hoffer

Ray Sell

In only the last few years with the rise of gossip rags and television shows dedicated to Tinseltown’s elite, high-speed internet updates every few seconds gathering news from the far reaches of the world, and the truly meta-physical: blogs about blogging; a constant stream of information, at the same time relevant and grossly redundant, is suffocating our society under the pillow of subliminal messaging and “organic” advertising.

The work of Ray Sell attempts to simultaneously dissect the messaging and provide commentary on this phenomenon, particularly focusing on its impact on the development of the male archetype.  Taking images and magazine clippings from a vast swath of media over the last 60 years, Mr. Sell is determined to create a forum for self-reflection and debate, and question the very ethos by which our culture rears its male brood.   By capturing and re-appropriating images of motorcycles and muscle cars, nude women and fierce beasts, cowboys and Indians – Mr. Sell has created a different message with his assemblage of fantastic collage arrangement, vivid colors and these poignant relics from media of days past.  By removing the images from their original environs, he has stripped them of their intended meaning and given them his own voice.

Often whimsical and rarely intended to elicit political response, Mr. Sell’s electric, colorful work provides its viewers with an opportunity to really look at what’s being transmitted through imagery and decide how they themselves will respond.

bear-revenge-16x12Ray Sell

Parlor Gallery is located at 717 Cookman Ave., Asbury Park. For more information visit www.parlor-gallery.com.

man's-mind-20x10Ray Sell


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