Parlor Gallery is closing up shop on their latest exhibit, “Fresh”, with a closing reception on Saturday, June 1st from 6 to 10PM. Their next exhibit, “Linger”, opens Saturday, June 8th and will feature a collection of works from artists working with the theme of erotic art.

“Fresh” features some familiar, and perhaps not so familiar, faces. Exhibiting artists include the following:

DON HARGER – Red Bank resident Harger says this of his work: “My work has always been about the relationships between different materials and the substance they become in the finished piece. The physicality of my actions and reaction to the work are a direct result of my interaction with the materials in space and time. Biology, physics, philosophy, history, mysticism, and nature all inform my work. Through my relationship with the work and all the comedy in nature and life, my pursuit of the sublime keeps me tethered to the ether of art.”

WILLIAM GOODMAN – Since 1999, William Goodman has been creating mixed media and abstract paintings, collages, and murals. Goodman has shown at exhibits and galleries in New York, Chicago, Washington D.C., LaJolla, CA, Little Rock, AR, Atlanta, GA, New Orleans, and Jackson, MS. Goodman is best known for his mixed-media pieces, which infuse elements of photography, collage, abstract imagery and graphic design. Goodman resides and works in his hometown of Jackson, Mississippi.

JASON WOODSIDE – Jason Woodside is a New York based painter and attended the school of visual arts in NYC. Commisions and collaborations include Michel Roux and Romero Britto. Woodside has exhibited his art in Sydney, Miami, Los Angeles, and New York City.

scotthebbKevin Hebb

CARL E. SMITH – Carl E. Smith is an artist and graphic designer. He has worked professionally in the action sports industry since 1995. After positions as head art director and subsequently creative director at Electric Visual, Smith went on to launch his own design and fine art projects in 2010; CES Design and CES Contemporary. Smith was born and raised in the artist colony of Laguna Beach, California, and lived in Prague, Czech Republic from 1997 to 2004. He currently works and resides in both locations.

STEVE SEELEY – Chicago-based painter Steve Seeley has a Masters of Fine Arts from Ohio State University in printmaking. Seeley’s wide-ranging tastes in comic books, superheroes and Japanese monsters (kaiju) along with his ability to combine those with an array of fl oral and natural elements results in a disparate, though pleasing, amalgamation that never gets boring.

BROOKE HOLLOWAY – “Since childhood, I have been intrigued by a notion that art and storytelling can cohere in such a way that would allow for expressions of broader cultural narratives, ” says Holloway. “The narratives, subsequently, began to be generated from my artistic process of self-examination and recalled accounts of my personal experiences as an objectified “other”. In recent years, I began to further develop the role that storytelling plays in my artistic process as it relates to my experiences as a young single mother, all the while, using the context of my socio-economic status as a backdrop. The work was driven by themes of sexual and racial stereotypes, contradictions, and deviations from traditional social norms.”

SCOTT HOVE – Oakland’s Scott Hove is a self-taught artist whose work encompasses a broad variety of media, from sculptural installations to painting. These works refl ect on the relationship between the natural world and mechanical civilization, and the drama that occurs during this interaction. The materials and techniques borrow from traditional and decorative arts and craft to render the oftentimes jarring objects and fantasy installations.

BRYAN HOLLAND – Bryan has worked professionally as an artist, a graphic artist, and a college professor. He currently resides and works as an artist in Minnesota, where he continues to work both independently and collaboratively. Bryan’s most recent work is a mix of digital images, photo manipulation, collage, found art, image transfer techniques, painting, and a variety of other techniques and experimentation. His work is infl uenced by graphic design, vintage art, painting, photography, mythology and a little bit of philosophy.

KEVIN HEBB – Hebb writes, “In written form, words can trigger the entire spectrum of human emotions. From the simplest ‘Stephanie gives good head’ bathroom graffi ti to the overexposed ‘HOPE’, words are still the most direct way to communicate a thought. Words are pretty great, I think I’m going to paint them for a while.”

Parlor Gallery is located at 717 Cookman Avenue (on the arts bloc) in Asbury Park.

Art at top by Scott Hove

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