It’s hard to find good presents for the holidays these days. Most of the stuff on store shelves is cheap crap made in China. Makes me sick. That’s why I always try to seek out handmade items with a “Made in the U.S.A.” label stamped proudly on the packaging. 

There was a time when EVERYTHING (just about) was made in America. And the quality was top notch. Not anymore. It’s one major reason why our country is dying a slow and painful death. All those manufacturing jobs have been lost at sea. Overseas that is. Oh yeah, and those government backed, power hungry corporate elitists and central banking oligarchs who are bankrupting the planet in the name of world government aren’t helping things either. OK, I’m ranting. So much for Christmas cheer.

But I’ve found a gift that will make anyone who appreciates the art of hand crafted goodness super stoked this holiday season.

Matt Ulrich is a Manasquan native who now calls the Hudson River Valley in upstate New York home. He’s also one of the coolest fucking dudes I know. Matt’s been pumping out these super rad wood burned coasters for you to enjoy with your next beer or glass of wine.

Ulrich tells The Anchor, “I had been painting these asymmetrical folk art inspired designs for a year or so with water color but had recently experimented with water color on raw wood. The water color didn’t take as well as it had to some previous finished pine, but the pencil looked great as an outline. I tried acrylic and pen, but it didn’t give me what I was looking for. I ordered a wood burning tool kit and thought I would give it a shot. I heat my house with wood and split it all year so finding the right pieces was easy.”

Get yours before it’s too late.

Order your set of 4 coasters for just $20 plus shipping. They also make for great wall art. Email Matt at mulrich80@hotmail.com.

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