California’s The Lovely Bad Things time travel from backyard punk shows in Orange County to music capital of the East Coast, Asbury Park, NJ on Monday, June 10th. This garage pop foursome has a D.I.Y. spirit, loves the Pixies, and says if you picked apart their music you’d find the likes of Modest Mouse, Sonic Youth, the B-52s, the Wipers and Redd Kross, of course. They recently finished their latest album, The Late Great Whatever for Volcom Entertainment.

Wyatt Blair is a different story altogether, as it should be. Well I guess it’s kind of the same in the sense they too hail from the great state of California. And they too are a garage pop band. They’ve added Asbury Park as a stop on their Banana Cream Dream National Tour and list the venue as the Wonder Ball on their tumblr page. We kind of like that name better. But actually, its the Wonder Bar. See Wyatt Blair and The Lovely Bad Things along with Plus Plus Minus at 8pm. Show is free as always and food and drink specials happen all night long.

The Wonder Bar is located at 1213 Ocean Ave. in Asbury Park. thewonderbarasbury.com

wyattblairWyatt Blair

plusplusPlus Plus Minus

Photo at top: The Lovely Bad Things


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