On Saturday, September 6th Seth Ferris and myself presented the second annual High Seas, Open Roads motorcycle helmet art show. A big, HUGE thank you to Jenn Hampton for letting us take over the Asbury Lanes in Asbury Park, NJ. If you’ve never ben to Asbury Lanes, it’s a vintage bowling alley built in 1961 that double as a rock n’ roll venue with a stage in the middle of the Lanes. No doubt one of the best music venues in the country right on the beach here in Asbury.

nickIMG_9853COLOREDHelmets by Neil O’Brien and Scott Szegeski. Photo by Nick Kiefer

nickIMG_9852COLOREDHelmets by Andrew Steiner, Mike Egan and Max Hazan. Photo by Nick Kiefer

The planning for HSOR began back in November of last year. Both Seth and I put a tremendous amount of thought, planning, production and execution into this art show. Bell and Biltwell helmets donated a total of 18 helmets which were then sent to artists we picked from around the country.

seanDSC_0330Photo by Sean Madden

kimhsor9173Photo by Kim Marroon

The doors opened at 7PM after an insane amount of rain that kept a lot of people who were planning on riding to the show away. By 7:30 the place was packed and it stayed that way up until closing. Around 500 people altogether showed up. It was another one of so many amazing nights at Asbury Lanes.

kimhsor9228Helmet by Max Hazan. Photo by Kim Maroon

screenjohnherrScreenprinting by Davie Sincox of Pop up Prints

Each helmet sat on hand built displays made by Seth and I with bowling pins attached to wooden bases. Everything we did for the show we did ourselves. From the displays to the hand made artist name tags on each wooden base to the hand painted signage out front of the Lanes. Every sponsor had a handmade canvas banner with their name stitched on which hung behind the helmets. Their was live screenprinting of our HSOR shirts for sale by Dave Sincox of Pop Up Prints.

john_DSC9636WPhoto by John Herr

nickIMG_9828COLOREDHelmet by Travis Hess. Photo by Nick Kiefer

kimhsor9222Helmet by Ben McBrien. Photo by Kim Maroon

We also had live music by local bands Birthwater and Wreaths. Gas tank art and other art works were on display around the Lanes along with several pop up stores. It was just such an amazing scene with an eclectic mix of all types of people. Aside from it being tremendously hot and humid thanks to the current building owners not fixing the AC, the night was nothing short of special.

wreathsjohnherrWreaths perform. Photo by John Herr

johnnherr_DSC8622WWood art by Corey Hudson. Photo by John Herr

All 18 helmets and 3 gas tanks sold with proceeds going to the charity Waves for Water. If you couldn’t make the show we are bringing the helmets down to The Race of Gentlemen in Wildwood, NJ on October 3, 4 and 5.

nickIMG_9827COLOREDHelmet by Hoodzpah Design. Photo by Nick Kiefer

nickIMG_9840COLOREDHelmet by Hoodzpah Design. Photo by Nick Kiefer

Follow us on instagram @highseasopenroads to see more photos from the helmet show.

Thank you to all of the photographers who came out to shoot. John Herr, Sean Madden, Nick Kiefer, Kim Maroon and Kamelia Holdman. And thank you to Mike Boylan for putting together this amazing short film which captures the night perfectly.

nickIMG_9842COLOREDPhoto by Nick Kiefer

kimhsor9219Vlad and Joey Pisch of Sweet Joeys. Photo by Kim Maroon

kimhsor9214Helmet by Ryan Quickfall. Photo by Kim Marroon

 kimhsor9209Helmets by Neptune Tattoo and Vlad Pisch. Photo by Kim Maroon

johnnherr_DSC8714WThe Nomad Asbury Park display. Photo by John Herr

johnn_DSC8801WHelmet by Andrew Steiner. Photo by John Herr

johnherr_DSC9786WPhoto by John Herr

johnherr_DSC8541WThe Two Moto Booth. Photo by John Herr

seanDSC_0075Photo by Sean Madden

 seanDSC_0361Photo by Sean Madden

seanDSC_0375Photo by Sean Madden


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