James Reilly is a man about Asbury. And he wants to tickle this town from the inside out. His words, not mine. Ignite the masses through his rock n’ roll I tell you. James is the front man for both Ba Babes and The Grand K. He’s also the overlord of the Bond Street Bar kitchen which is where we caught him hanging out on the day these pics were taken.

Anchor contributor John Defiora managed to snap these shots while on another photo shoot for The Anchor. Two for one all day long.

Now, I’m not gay or anything but James is a handsome cat who can take a pic like the best of ’em. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that John is one hell of a photog, in fact he’s one of our favorites, not just because he knows his way around the camera, but because he’s funny as shit and always makes us laugh.

Check out Ba Babes on Saturday, October 27th at the closing party for Trinity and the Pope. More on that later.

John Defiora is an Asbury Park based photographer who knows how to take a dang picture. John is crazy, in a good way and it’s that craziness that translates into his amazingly creative photography. You may see him around town at any given moment shooting great shit for the website. Check out his work at www.johndefiora.com.


  1. skitch says:

    I heard that he eats his pizza backwards. I don’t know why though – the crust is the best part, he should save it for the end.

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