Ocean Grove resident Jay Demaso loves motorcycles and surfing. When he’s not working long hours for his construction company in New York, Demaso can usually be found riding waves or roads. 

His 1973 Honda CB750 is a true work of art. Jay took a stock Honda and transformed it in to anything but. The bike was completely stripped to the ground. The frame was chopped, re-welded and painted. The sides of the tank were concaved, all by hand. The front and rear brake rotors were painstakingly drilled out. The entire bike was rewired. The original bars were reversed giving the effect of clubman bars. New paint, vintage style tires, grips, wrapped exhaust and beefy headlight finish this masterpiece off.

Let me tell you that many cans of Piels with lime and multiple packs of Marlboro reds were consumed during the entire bike building process. Cold winter nights working in a freezing garage in Ocean Grove were common. Overall the entire process took almost 2 years. This, folks, is what I call dedication.

The result is pretty badass. Demaso’s bike is one off and quite frankly when people see it their not sure what it is. It’s easy for someone to take a stock Honda, throw some vintage Firestone’s on it, change out the seat and call it a day. But Jay’s bike truly has its own personal style. It’s completely different than any other Honda I’ve ever seen.

Demaso pulling apart the engine of his 1971 BSA chopper.

But now Demaso is on to the next project, a 1971 flooded out BSA chopper. So far the engine is being completely rebuilt. One of the pistons was seized and much of the innards were in need of some serious love…and oil. A new hardtail frame will accept the rebuilt motor when finished. We’ll keep you posted on the progress.

3 Responses to “JAY DEMASO’S 1973 HONDA CB750”

  1. Seth says:

    Demaso Customs, with consulting from Two Moto Co, (whether he asks or not). This bike is a blast to ride and a great build! The beezer is gonna be amazing.

  2. Mcgilvery says:

    How great are the detroit diesel engines?

  3. Hugh says:

    Awsome looking bike. I wonder about the front wheek, is it a Harley 16 inch? Looks like the back one is, but I can’t tell if the front is the same diameter. How does it ride?

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