Parlor Gallery (717 Cookman Ave) presents its first-ever juried art show, curated by Jonathan LeVine of the Jonathan LeVine Gallery in NYC. He’s been at the art game since the 1990s, bringing punk and rock music together with art inspired by them, and helping to start the lowbrow and street art scene on the east coast. So when he’s putting together a show from submissions by artists all over the world, you can be pretty sure that the 21 he’s narrowed it down to are going to be something special. The opening reception is Saturday, November 16th from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m., and the show runs until January 5.

Here’s a look at each artist:

Tina Lugo

Inculcated by waves of Saturday morning cartoons, characters portrayed in comic book literature, and videogame culture, Tina Lugo became instantly infatuated with the bright colors of the animated world. As she grew up, the social and sexual undertones of these cartoons unbridled themselves from the confines of her childhood memory. Tina began to realize that the sexual and often tongue-in- cheek humor she expressed had stemmed from what she had watched on early 90’s television and only fueled her passion to uncover the subversive and controversial qualities in the pop culture of yesteryear. The use of enamel and Plexiglass in her work is to suggest that the smooth, hyper-gloss finishing of a world that allures us will always be beneath a transparent barrier we can touch but never enter-a replication of the voyeuristic qualities we all posses. Her style references and pays homage to her variety of modern influences which include: Takashi Murakami, Toshio Saeki, Hanna Barbera, Japanese animation, and Henry Darger.

Tina Lugo was born and raised in the Bronx where she still resides. She studied at the School of Visual Arts where she obtained her BFA and worked with fellow artist, Nicolas Touron.

tina-lugo_image1Tina Lugo

Tracy Deer

“I use stock photos as a reference for my paintings. The portraits are a vehicle to explore and experiment with painting, rather than the intention to recreate or portray the subject in any way. The distance and anonymity allows me to copy and paste faces and limbs in the most visually pleasing way. The general, emptiness of the stock photos, when transferred into oil paint on canvas, is transformed taking on a new life; one that instantly becomes more meaningful and cultural.

I am endlessly engaged in the many possible combinations and outcomes. In addition to this juxtaposition, the work is executed in a way that obscures the realms of illustration and fine arts. The creative process involves pulling from a collection of images. Often collages are made heads are pasted on bodies, and the work begins from there.”

tracy_deer_image2Tracey Deer

Percy Fortini-Wright

Merging representational painting and graffiti vernacular, Percy interprets, depicts, and deciphers the world around and within him. Like an alchemist studying different relationships of proportion, what inspires him to constantly make art is his love for creating form and how light can reveal it.

Percy is a Boston based artist receiving his MFA and BFA at the Art Institute Of Boston. While in his youth, he wrote graffiti, becoming most active during the late 90s, becoming a technician of wild style letters, tags and bubble letters while the next day plein air scenes and classical portraiture. During his Masters he studied with Boston artist Paul Rahilly, Ken Beck, Paul Goodnight, Vanessa Platacis and Dike Blair. He would say his number one inspiration for his works is the beauty, creative and destructive forces of Mother Nature and architecture of the creator. His inspirations range from painters like Zorn, and Sargent to wild style pieces and tags done with drippy markers. Exhibiting within the public and private spheres creating large and small-scale pieces. Percy has participated in many graffiti events including Meeting of Styles in the Bronx, and Under Pressure in Montreal to being juried in to Copley Art Society in 2013 and upcoming juried exhibition by Jonathan LeVine at Parlor Gallery, NJ and a recent solo show at Milton Academy’s Nesto Gallery. His work and has appeared in a number of publications including the Boston Globe, Artscope, and centerfold of the Improper Bostonian.

Jeremy Burks

Jeremy Burks is an Austin-based artist, originally from Dayton, Ohio. He is primarily self-taught and his recent work has been dominated by colored pencil drawings on wood panels. These narrative works are inspired by history, mythology, social issues, the natural world, and childhood. He is also involved in the hijinks of Austin art collective Ink Tank.

Jeremy graduated from the film program of Antioch College in 2001. He then lived in a bunch of places, including New Jersey. He shares a home with his incredibly-talented wife and their spectacularly-naughty son.

Zoe Williams

Born in 1983 in New Orleans, LA, Zoë Williams holds a BA in Fine Art from the University of New Orleans and a Certificate in Fiber Art from the University of Washington. She currently lives and works in New York City.

“Symbolize whatever grand or gracious thing he will by whiteness, no man can deny that in its profoundest idealized significance it calls up a peculiar apparition to the soul.”

-Herman Melville, Moby Dick

“Spirits, sacred creatures, and phantoms from the dream world inhabit my work. They are the intermediaries that connect us with the (inner) realm of the collective unconscious and the (outer) kingdom of nature.”

Kyle Fisher

Kyle Fisher is a graduate of The Savannah College of Art and Design and a founding member of the dearly departed Part Time Studios in Philadelphia, PA

“This work represents a series interested in influencing the connotations we apply to the recognizable.

The iconography we gather – of wildlife, the mundane, markings of physical space – and our experience of the visual world is processed differently by all – in countless and unimaginable ways. A spattered wash of color may resonate; for another, a line mimicking brittle, tattered fabric conjures familiarity. We form this grasp of the physicality of things uniquely and alone.

I alter representational imagery by making use of my own distinct understanding of how things feel, fold, move, tear, bloom and decay as means of transformation. This alteration is made in hopes of challenging both the way the imagery is absorbed as well as its accompanying predisposition. I believe that through this disassociation from the ingrained, it is easier to investigate the connections we share in our perception of the world around us.”

Lazarus Nazario

Growing up Puerto Rican in Staten Island, Lazarus Nazario was surrounded by the sights and sounds of a rich heritage that released a ritualistic beauty essential to her as a painter. Nazario’s work is rooted in mythology and magical realism, filled with references ranging from ancient Catholic religious art to recent family photos.

She has received numerous scholarships and her work is in many collections across the country

She has taught at The Snug Harbor Cultural Center and Wagner College in New York. She lives and works in Jersey City, New Jersey.

Sean Mahan

Sean Mahan is a social realist figurative painter who works with graphite and acrylic washes on wood to depict a sense of wonder about the innate warmth of the human character and its conflict with structures of power and control. Sean has enjoyed creating cover artwork for the bands: Lowpines, Twelve Hour Turn, Floor, Daitro, Dauntless Elite, Jets vs. Sharks, Planes Mistaken For Stars, Beat Buttons, North Lincoln, Fires, Del Cielo, The Gifthorse, Mouthbreather, Senders, Little League, Back Pocket, Small Talk, Solid Pony, Kids on Bikes, and more.

seanmahan_1Sean Mahan

Hannah Yata

Hannah Yata was born in Douglasville, GA in 1989. Hannah works predominately with oil painting, but sometimes with acrylics and ceramic sculpture. She completed her Bachelors of Fine Art with distinction at the University of Georgia in 2012. She has had a solo show in Japan, and participated in many group shows around the United States including New York, North Carolina, and Georgia.

“I love working with the feminine form. To me, the female embodies so much in terms of imagery and symbolism. In my work, I use the primary means by which women’s bodies have been objectified and represented throughout the history of art and the modern day media to create my own visual language. Fish are predominate in my work because of the feelings and ideas they seem to evoke. I find they tend to be looked upon as an insentient animal, beautiful, numb, and forgotten. I draw the parallels between women in modern day society to how the environment is being viewed and treated to create fantastical visual landscapes. In this way, I hope to invite the viewer to wonder and question preconceived societal ideas about human domination, control, and perversion of our world.”

hannahyata_image1Hannah Yata

Jake Waldron

Jake Waldron grew up in the woods and has been trying to find his way back ever since.

jakewaldron_image1Jake Waldron

Darlene Foster

“Born in Atlanta Georgia, I have been involved in the art world in one way or another for all of my life. After studying drawing and painting at The Sarah Brown School of Art in Atlanta Georgia, I participated in various shows and exhibits before moving to Plainfield New Jersey in 1977.

At that time, I also became interested in photography and began incorporating it into my work. This led to a 17 year employment as the retouching artist with The Image Maker Photography Studio and numerous freelance clients. Pencils, brushes and dyes gave way to digital in the mid ’90s when I was first introduced to the computer as an art tool. I have been exploring the digital medium ever since.

Currently, I am self-employed doing photographic painting, retouching, restoration and collage for photographers and the general public as well as my personal artwork. The creative process has taken me down many paths over the years, ebbed and flowed, but is always present.

The majority of my artwork today begins with photography. Initially, it was a reference for drawing and painting but as I delved into it over the years, I began experimenting with many different techniques within the medium itself. The initial image is seldom the end product but usually the starting point for a montage, collage, digital painting, or whatever I feel will develop the vision I have in mind. Current technology and use of the computer as an art tool has opened up a world of new possibilities to explore and add to my arsenal of options as an artist.

I hope the viewer of my work will project their personal ideas and emotions into the image, creating a meaning and story all their own.”

Andrea Heimer

Andrea Heimer is an artist from Montana, who says of her work:

“My artwork explores the dark, hidden, and weird sides of suburban life. Many of the scenes I paint are inspired by strange events and relationships I witnessed in my own suburban neighborhood in rural Montana. I did not go to art school. My work might be painted in a naive style but it is thorough in its ability to narrate domestic intrigue. Why did Mr. Brown park at the top of Blackfoot Hill each and every morning, a pair of binoculars in his lap and his eyes glued to the sky? Who is the peeping Tom with the strange glowing eyes? What is really going on behind all those picket fences?”

andreaheimer_4Andrea Heimer

Kyle Stewart

Kyle Stewart is an artist who lives and works within the city of Toronto. Kyle responds to our ever-changing landscape with his distinctive abstract approach to nature; forging a contemporary dialogue with his environments, both for the viewer as well as the figurative and ‘man-made’ subjects within select canvasses. He is also a part-time instructor of illustration in the School of Fashion at Ryerson University.

kyle-stewart_image1Kyle Stewart

Susan Tumblety

Painting for over 30 years, worked for the Walt Disney gallery and created artwork for galleries in New York and New Jersey. In her process, she uses photorealistic painting techniques to create 3 dimensional vintage boxes.

Angel Perdomo

Angel Perdomo was born in Tegucigalpa, Honduras in 1989 but later moved to New Orleans, Louisiana in 1996. He received his Bachelor of Arts in painting and print making from the University of New Orleans in May 2013. Perdomo has been in several shows locally such as at the University of New Orleans St. Claude Gallery, Dumois Gallery, recently Ogden Museum of Southern Art, and also shown in a collective show in Oakland California. He is also a member of the Antenna Collective which is located in the St. Claude Art District in New Orleans. Angel Perdomo currently lives and works in New Orleans, Louisiana.

“My leisure time is spent watching countless hours of American and Japanese animation. I prefer traditional animation, because of their process to produce the animation and the hand-painted acetate sheet called cels. This obsession with cartoons might make me a cartoon otaku, or fan boy. The obsession, dedication, and hours spent watching animation has provided me with the ideas and concepts for the work presented before you. When I was young I would reimagine cartoons characters juxtaposed in different settings and positions. These paintings represent my joy for and my interest in cartoons. The figure, shapes, and childhood nostalgia are addressed within the work’s content. My process is similar to the techniques used in screen-printing, by colors being applied from lightest to darkest, and also in straight edge abstract painting with the use of craft paints mixed with artist grade acrylic paints. The paint is applied in thin layers and results in, an even, flat, matte surface. My work is influenced by Tex Avery, Hanna Barbera, KAWS, Peter Saul, Takashi Murakami, Japanese animator AkiraToriyama, and the illustration work of graffiti artist Pose. The work produced not only involves my love and obsession for cartoons, but also how important the usage of space and color can change the viewer’s experience. I hope to get the viewer lost in clashing colors and contrast of the background and foreground. My intent is to reframe traditional animation into a fine arts context.”


Bask is the moniker of one, Ales Bask Hostomsky, who along with his parents emigrated from Czechoslovakia to Florida and began to soak up America’s popular iconic imagery along with the sun. He quickly began to notice similarities between the communistic iconic propaganda from his youth and the consumer advertising of his teens. Bask soon discovered that they were simply, two sides of the same coin. Each vying for our short-lived attention spans, all the while selling us (or telling us?) anything and everything from Marxism to McDonalds. Seeking conspiracies -and finding them embedded in the popular iconography of the mass media, Bask began painting bold, media critical broadsides to assuage his fear of being manipulated. A fear cultivated in a repressive regime, had now returned, but to the most unlikely and safest of places- The American living room. The artist’s richly textural work imbue his “anti-iconic, ” sometimes satirical worldview with an undercurrent of dark emotion. His canvases are the city’s flotsam and jetsam of industrial and consumer decay. Combining his graphic skill with his trademark multi-layered applications, Bask builds up the surface only to break down the image. “My art is a type of deconstruction, ” says Bask, “I try to focus on the imperfection of things, rather then their unachievable perfection.” (Photo at top)

Andre Veloux

In the early 1990s there were many hot summer nights at The Haçienda, Manchester, England. Looking around the smiling faces during those nights you could take in all there was to love in that exuberant scene and somehow it produced an artistic vision. Colour and bold words came to mind and it was written about in a story called Pleisure. Art was created to go with that story and Andre Veloux was the creator of that art, although it was years later before he finally became known as Andre Veloux.

Andre’s art of painting, photography, and more recently mosaic, continues the journey that began back then, the inspiration and passion as alive as ever. Intertwined and revolving around his tenets of love, unity, peace and tolerance we come to today and the 21st century art of Andre Veloux.

Dilek Baykara

Dilek Baykara is a Turkish-American illustrator who was born and raised in the woods of northern New Jersey and is currently living and working in New York City. During her four year tenure at the School of Visual Arts, she managed to illustrate and screen-print concert posters for Hard Rock and Heavy Metal bands such as Ghost B.C. and Pentagram, exhibit her work at galleries such as Cotton Candy Machine and Culturefix Gallery and take on various freelance work ranging from music-related projects to commercial and advertisement jobs. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in illustration in May of 2013.

Her unique style is attributed to her extreme attention to detail within her complex line-work and her Turkish heritage, creating dream-like scenes that tell stories of love, tragedy and the otherworldly.


Owens has worked collaboratively and individually on a variety projects for almost twenty years. He has been featured in JUXTAPOZ Magazine and received an award from Mark Ryden. Owens is the Pabst Blue Ribbon Art Contest winner of 2012. PULSE Magazine has awarded him with the title of VIP ARTIST for Long Island. He is an active member of FRESH Art Long Island. Owens is a former gilding specialist for the famed Sotheby’s Auction House. He is an established illustrator who has done work for Blue Point Brewery, PHISH, ZOO YORK, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Mickey Hart and others. He is the owner and founder of Phine Art Designs and most importantly a Father and Husband.

“Traditionally trained, the computer and I didn’t make sweet art love till we were forced to move in together. This is the first time putting words to our creative past, so be kind… we were drunk and desperate.

As a child, my favorite art project was collage. For me, collage was a cocktail of scissors & magazines – served at a time when a little paste in your mouth meant you’re in the zone. It was about mixing up Hot Rod, MAD and Victoria’s Secret with those tribal girls from National Geographic. It was demented, surreal and everything that felt good.

I’ve traded scissors for clipping paths, magazines for vector and paste for ctrl v. The tools are different, but the game is the same. Break it down and tear it up. ”

Alicia Martin

Alicia Martin is a visual artist from Spain currently living in New York. She received a Fulbright Scholarship in 2011 to study a master’s degree at the School of Visual Arts in New York. She completed her Master of Fine Art degree in Computer Art in 2013, with a concentration on digital and traditional painting. She is now dedicated to this field, working on projects in both digital and traditional media

“My work hovers in an alternate plane where the strivings of the subconscious to reconcile with our most instinctual roots meets the beauty of its remaining existence. Combining digital and traditional painting techniques, my subjects depict ‘inner dreamscapes’ where fictitious beings inhabit in a dreamy nowhere, facing the tension of life’s polarity and embracing it as part of themselves.”

aliciamartin_image2Alicia Martin

Andy Dreamingwolf

Andy Dreamingwolf was born in Akron Ohio. A self-taught artist currently exploring his medium and sharing works with galleries and viewers alike.


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