In this awful seventh inning stretch of winter, all I can think about is warmer weather. I know I should be grateful that this winter has been so mild, but fuck it, I’m over it. I’m a hot weather person.

So I’m thinking summer thoughts.  

Tibicen canicularis,  more commonly known as the Dogday Harvestfly or Annual Cicada, makes my favorite summertime sound. The species is only around during the hottest months of the year, and sings loudest during the hottest part of the day.

The cicadas’ song is in the background of all of my favorite memories in Ocean County. Walking the through trail in Double Trouble Park, swimming in the creek, long barefoot bike rides, conversations on the porch, clams out by my dad’s shed, listening to bands in friends back yards, & falling in love.

Karissa Monica has her hand in cookie jars all over Asbury. She’s the Assistant Creative Director at triCityNews, a tattoo apprentice at Attractive Tattoo on Main Street and also works the door at Toast on Cookman Ave. Karissa is no doubt a kick ass now, take names later artist and also is working with Anchor editor Jason Thomson on The Anchor Map Project – a hand drawn promotional map of Asbury with all of our favorite stomping grounds listed on the back. 




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