About a week into my first archaeology field school, I was fastidiously straightening the walls on my 5×4 meter unit when my professor, Dr. Pacheco (called “Paco” for short) called me over to the tool-tarp.  He handed me a small London-style Marshalltown trowel and said “see how this one works for you…” 

It was made out of good ol’ fashioned American steel & braun.  It was already sharp on all four edges & it busted through dirt much more quickly than the others I’d been using.  It held an edge much longer and was much quicker to sharpen. Once I proved I could wield its awesome power, Paco said as long as I was an archaeologist, it was mine to use.

Two field seasons later, when I had returned as a crew chief, Paco finally told me a little more about the trowel.  He bought it in 1984, his first year teaching his own field school as an associate professor. He only had one other that was as old, and he didn’t let anyone else use it.  He told me even then, he could tell that with the right tools, I’d be really good.

While I may be taking a break from archaeology to pursue my other interests for the time being,  I’ve not left it behind.  That little trowel is sitting on my bookshelf next to my field guides waiting for our return to the dirt.

I designed this trowel in honor of that trowel. And maybe in hopes that Paco will someday let me give him his first tattoo.

Karissa Monica has her hand in cookie jars all over Asbury. She’s the Assistant Creative Director at triCityNews, a tattoo apprentice at Attractive Tattoo on Main Street and also works the door at Toast on Cookman Ave. Karissa is no doubt a kick ass now, take names later artist and also worked with Anchor editor Jason Thomson on The Anchor Map Project – a hand drawn promotional map of Asbury with all of our favorite stomping grounds listed on the back. 

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