We found the guy behind the “Break in Case of Fabulous” street art piece that popped up in downtown Asbury this week. Earlier today we posted a photo taken by Hannah Walker, a staffer at our mothership publication triCityNews. The photo is of an Anchor sticker on a light pole outside Cafe Volan on Bangs Ave. But the sticker isn’t the star of this drag show. It’s the art piece next to the sticker that has caught so many people’s attention.

The artwork in question is a clear plexiglas box filled with glitter with the message “Break in Case of Fabulous” in stark white letters across the front. The photo was originally intended to be posted on our Facebook page. Before we had a chance to post it Walker posted it on her Tumblr page. What happened next is pretty insane. Someone saw the photo and reposted it to the popular image site As of the writing of this article the photo has been viewed over 915, 000 times on this site alone. also picked up the image and it is one of the most viewed and commented on posts of the day there ( is one of the most visited websites in the world). as well as and countless other sites have re-posted the image as well. It’s safe to say millions have seen this photo today. Pretty fucking crazy. It’s a perfect example of how things can go viral on the internet. (scroll for more of the story)

imgur Over 915, 000 views at

But everyone keeps asking, “who is the artist?”

Shortly after this photo started blowing up, we received a call from the guy behind this pretty hysterical piece of art. He wishes to remain anonymous.

“I’m a straight guy. I thought it was important to do something for the gay community, ” he told The Anchor.

“I think Asbury is fabulous and there are so many fabulous people running around. This is just a way for them to express themselves.” (keep scrolling) picked up the photo where it was one of their “most liked” photos of the day

There are two other “fabulous boxes” floating around the downtown. We know where they are but you’ll have to go out and find them on your own.

When asked about his artwork going viral, the artist told us, “I had no idea it would be this big. It’s motivating. Can’t wait to do more.”

He tells us he’s been doing art all around the world and just came back from Spain. He had plans to head to South America and decided he would rather stick around Asbury Park.

“I really love Asbury and wanted to help promote the city through my artwork. (But at the end of the day) Asbury is the real art.”

As for his next project? “I’m trying to one up myself.”

Stay tuned….


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