Through my involvement in playing music, I’ve made friends all over the world. I have done my best to stay in contact with them long after the bands that had sparked the initial flame of connection have stopped functioning.

I’m always happy when an unexpected email arrives from a friend in a foreign country who I haven’t heard from in some time. I received just such an email yesterday from Patryk Bugajski who lives in Poland and is the vocalist for Iron to Gold. 

When I opened the email I was quite surprised as I had almost totally forget about this little project we began working on. In 2009 I was interviewed by Patryk at John Bloodclot’s (Cro Mags) now defunct Hare Krsna temple on St. Marks Street in the lower east side of Manhattan.

I believe initially the interview was going to help promo the 7″ my band Overstand (which also featured other members of Charge) had coming out on The Essence records at the time. It ended up being more of a short bio on Charge.

Honestly the details are a bit blurry at this point, but I’m happy to see the finished product brought to fruition.

Watching it was somewhat bittersweet for me, especially with the surf footage being filmed sometime around 2004 at Lyman St. in Mantoloking, NJ. This is the break I learned to surf at when I was 11 years old and recently the entire ocean front has been destroyed by the wrath of Hurricane Sandy. From what I hear there is a river mouth running from the Metedeconk river straight down the street into the ocean. I haven’t yet ventured down south to survey the damage but I think I will have to take a trip to see what Lyman st. is looking like post Sandy.

Thanks to Patryk for taking the time after all these years to compile this footage, edit it and get it out there.

Check out his band Iron to Gold here: http://irontogold.bandcamp.com.

Photo above is of Shawn Zappos’s current band Changes at Asbury Lanes. Download their latest EP, Lost at Sea”, here.  

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