Put some soul in that bowl, it’s 420!

Now don’t get it twisted. I can’t stand to hear some goofy pseudo hippy babble about “420”, the unofficial holiday of stoners that happened this past Saturday, April 20. So please don’t picture some dude sitting on the couch, twirling his stomach hair, while he’s blazed out of his head watching Half Baked.

See I’m not talking about a bowl you smoke out of, I have something else in mind. A south swell with almond shaped tubes stacking down the beach, this is where my heads at and this is exactly what we received on April 20th 2013. Maybe as surfers we need to snatch the date, use it as an affirmation of a day we get plenty of tube rides. In any event, I have no interest in starting a new holiday but I do hope you got some smoking bowls for yourself.

Photos by Christor Lukasiewicz at an undisclosed location in Monmouth County.

Luke_DitellaLuke Ditella

Shawn-Zappo-Soul-Arch-Bottom-TurnShawn Zappo

Tom_Petriken_SprayTom Petriken

Shawn_Zappo_TubeShawn Zappo

Photo at top: Tom Petriken


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