On October 20th of last year, one of the craziest things I’ve ever witnessed at the Jersey Shore happened. It was the 1st Annual Race of Gentlemen vintage motorcycle and hotrod beach race which took place on the sands of Loch Arbour and Allenhurst, just south of Asbury Park.

The day was perfect. About 75 degrees, not a cloud in the sky with overhead surf. We jumped on our bikes, gassed up and headed for Allenhurst beach, not really knowing what to expect. What we saw were a few thousand people lining the beach and boardwalk, vintage cars and motos on the sand with a backdrop of dudes surfing behind it all. If you hadn’t known any better you’d think you were in California. Soon after, the roar of engines and the smell of exhaust filled the air as cars and bikes ripped up and down the beach. Truly one of those epic days that I’ll never forget.

Just a week later Hurricane Sandy kicked us in the ass. It was amazing to think about how beautiful a day it was just 7 days prior. That beach in Allenhurst where the race took place was pretty much destroyed. So Race of Gentlemen creator Mel Stultz did what he had to do and took the race down to Wildwood.

The Second Annual Race of Gentlemen is bigger and badder this year.  This time it’s a 3 day event, starting on Friday, October 4th and finishing up on Sunday, October 6th. When Wildwood came knocking on Mel’s door, it was hard to resist the offer to take the race south, to a much wider beach with harder sand more suitable for racing.

DSC_0226Event organizer Mel Stultz paints signs for this year’s ROG in his backyard in Neptune, NJ

Last year’s race was pushed back 3 hours because of a super moon which messed with the high tide and swamped the beach with water, making it difficult to race on. You won’t be seeing any of those problems this year.

And while it’s a bummer the Race of Gentlemen won’t be happening in our backyard in 2013, you couldn’t ask for a better setting than Wildwood. The town is inundated in what is known as Googie Style, which is basically a form of modern architecture dating back to the 1940’s, a subdivision of futurist architecture influenced by car culture,  jets, the Space Age, and the Atomic Age. This is the style Mel originally designed the Asbury Lanes in when he took over the space back in 2004. It’s a type of look only seen in a few places in the country including southern California, Las Vegas and Miami. And it’s the perfect backdrop for Race of Gentlemen.

269856_4385617595265_1333056618_nLast year’s Race of Gentlemen in Allenhurst, NJ

So here’s what you can expect on race day. People are flying in from all over the country. Cars from as far away as Washington state, California, Texas and Norway will be making the trip.

Jeff Decker, a famous bronze sculptor from California, will be on hand racing a 1912 Flying Merkel. There will be a 1911 Indian racing a 1911 Harley. The race will also include a 1907 dual chain-driven Panhard auto, an early teens Stanley Steamer, a 1918 Dodge Brothers auto, an original P38 belly tank 1923 hand-built Bugatti, various 1920s-30s Ford hotrods, cars from 1907 to 1934 and prewar bikes from 1911-1941. Lots of cool stuff.

0045Last year’s Race of Gentlemen in Allenhurst, NJ

There will also be live rock n’ roll all day, every day. There will be a party all day Friday at the Starlux Hotel. Hang poolside with bands, food and booze and check out the car show outside the hotel that night.

The racing begins bright and early Saturday and Sunday. 10AM to 5PM both days. Both days will feature a beach party with live bands. Saturday night will feature music by The Swingin’ Neck Breakers along with a bonfire on the beach.

page3_pic5_bigLast year’s Race of Gentlemen in Allenhurst, NJ

Each will also feature tons of food vendors including Mossuto’s, E Street Bagels and Stay Gold of Belmar providing cold brew and hot coffee.  There will also be merch vendors from all over the country including artist Thee Weezner.

This year’s Race of Gentlemen will be much more produced than last year but will maintain its raw and organic vibe. Mel hand paints all the banners and signage you’ll see. He also built a giant 20 plus foot lifeguard tower which will act as a viewing platform and announcer booth. Hand built checkered towers will mark the start and finish line which spans and 1/8 mile between a wooden roller coaster on one end and ferris wheel on the other.

DSC_1184Last year’s Race of Gentlemen in Allenhurst, NJ

The entire race will be filmed by Duck Tape, which is providing a full production team and will stream it live on theraceofgentlemen.com and on ducktape.com. Hot Rod Magazine and other media will also be on hand.

A vintage surfboard exhibit with over 40 boards will happen on the beach both days.

The Race of Gentlemen is being sponsored by Harley Davidson of Long Branch and Sailor Jerry. Friday night is FREE. Admission is $20 Saturday and Sunday or $30 for both days. Ticket info is available at theraceofgentlemen.com.

page3_pic8_bigLast year’s Race of Gentlemen in Allenhurst, NJ

400230_4385617395260_1163573728_nLast year’s Race of Gentlemen in Allenhurst, NJ

page3_pic9_bigLast year’s Race of Gentlemen in Allenhurst, NJ

page3_pic5_bigLast year’s Race of Gentlemen in Allenhurst, NJ







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