Editors Note: Belmar got its ass kicked during Hurricane Sandy. The boardwalk is trashed. The whole town basically flooded. I grew up next door to Belmar in Avon and spent much of my youth hanging out on the other side of the bridge. So it’s depressing to see what’s happening over there. But like the rest of the Jersey Shore, Belmar will pick itself up and move forward. One business that’s doing its part to help the community back to its feet is 10th Ave Burrito. They’ve been holding buffet donations all week and have been a huge help in raising money and feeding those who need it. Go support this place. These guys are the shit and deserve the business. This review was written before Hurricane Sandy.

Since 10th Ave Burrito was rocketed into semi-stardom by the master of peroxide and backwards sunglasses himself, Food Network’s own Guy Fieri, the Mexi-Cali restaurant has become somewhat of a staple around these parts.

This past week, some friends and I stopped by 10th Ave for Taco Tuesday. Every Tuesday, they serve unlimited tacos for $10. For someone like myself, who can eat generally only two or three tacos, the price doesn’t exactly fit, but for those of you who can scarf down six in a sitting, the deal is totally worth it. Frankly, I was more psyched on the $5 buckets of Coronitas (baby Coronas). Corona may be piss water flavored with a sprinkle of lime juice, but at five for $5, beer is beer.

We ordered chips and guac to start, and I must say, I am a huge fan of 10th Ave’s flour tortilla chips. Apparently, these chips are a point of contention amongst the assholes who actually write reviews on Yelp, but the haters can suck it. The use of flour rather than corn tortillas makes these chips a kind of a combination between your standard tortilla chips and those crunchy noodley things you get from Chinese restaurants. And I love me some crunchy noodlers.

Next, seeing as the occasion was Taco Tuesday, our whole table went for the unlimited taco deal. I ordered portobello mushroom in my first round (they come out two at a time) and forced down two more pork mole in the second. Both were delightful, but the pork mole– spicy, tender, juicy, and brimming with very little filler– was something special.

Between the five of us, we tried portobello, pork, chorizo, fish, chicken, and steak. The only complaint anyone had was with the fish, which apparently was underwhelming and fairly fish-less.

The one problem I have had with Tenth Ave’s food in the past was with a heavily lopsided burrito– all beans on top, all pork at the bottom. Otherwise, I have thoroughly enjoyed their eats. Especially their adobo wings. Those are seriously tasty.

Between the flavorful dishes, the Mexican wrestling masks, and colorful paintings hanging on the walls, 10th Ave offers plenty of sensory stimulation any day of the week.

Their extensive menu boasts dishes for a variety of palates, plus they have a full bar, if you’re into that sort of thing.

10th Ave Burrito, 801 Belmar Plaza, Belmar, NJ 07719, (732) 280-1515,

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