What a perfect fucking night. Last Thursday, I went to see Man Man (from Philadelphia) at the Asbury Lanes.  They have a such an eclectic sound that’s soo much fun to dance to, they’re the kind of band that brings all your friends out.  They’ve got this unique mix of avant-garde, chaotic, gypsy punk and jazz that I’m totally addicted to. We got there as Xenia Rubinos was belting out the last few songs of her set.  We said our hellos, stashed our jackets, and pushed our way to the front of the crowd.

The three drum kits on stage were adorned with long stem red flowers.  The band took the stage all dressed in skeleton body suits. Front man Honus Honus was wearing a black-and-gold velvet & sequin hooded cape over his.  Their costumes and pseudonyms were outward expressions of their oneness on stage – the band chemistry is palpable.  On keyboard, Honus was electric, and so in sync with Pow Pow on drums.  Their cohesion was contagious, and the whole room was movement.

Almost the entire set was relentlessly dancey, with only a few slower moments for recovery.  Although I’d danced damn near as hard as I could, I wasn’t entirely exhausted & was left wanting more – no Man Man set is ever long enough.

On the way out, my date bought me a numbered screen-print of the tour poster local illustrator Max Gordon designed.  Such a great night out in Asbury, and a reminder of why I absolutely love shows at the Lanes.

Photo by Scott Soffer

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