Red checked tablecloths, counter service, food served in plastic baskets lined with wax paper. Now this is fucking barbecue.

Local Smoke’s business seems mainly based in take-out, but my boyfriend/partner in gluttony and I decided to eat-in for the full experience. We were drawn to this location because a friend claimed they made a tasty wing, and there is no surer way to get me to try a restaurant than the promise of a tasty wing.

Predictably, we started off with an order of buffalo wings. Tasty, indeed. The sauce seemed to consist of your standard butter and hot sauce mixture, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t suck each one down to the bone.

We then moved on to the brisket platter (chopped, not sliced) with a side of mac and cheese and green beans. Perfectly smoked and slathered in sweet and tangy barbecue sauce, the beef melted in my mouth with every bite. Through a mouthful of classically comforting mac and cheese, perfectly crunchy, seasoned green beans, and brisket tender as butter, I said to my boyfriend, “This is all I ever want to eat.”

I suppose I lied though because I then sneaked a bite of his dessert (a smoked hotdog topped with mustard and chopped red onion) and ordered a dessert of my own (Oreo bread pudding). The rich smokey flavor and crispy crunchy skin of the hotdog gave it that extra boost every frank wants for. The bread pudding practically sent the button of my pants flying across the dining area, but I’d say it was worth it. I can, even now, feel myself slipping slowly back into an ooey gooey confectionery coma.

Before I pass out from the mere memories, I’ll say this: Local Smoke was well worth the visit. Four courses (with fountain sodas!) cost us both around 30 bucks, and we left feeling beyond satisfied and with no doubt that another visit was in order. So many menu items, so few stomachs.

LOCAL SMOKE: 719 Route 35, Neptune, 732.455.8888.


  1. Tom says:

    This first time I ate here, I laughed out loud because I was shocked at how good it was. Local Smoke is definitely a place everyone should try. Their jalapeno poppers are tops.

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