Last week, I set out to write a review of Bond Street Bar but was discouraged when my lazy ass didn’t make it there until the barflies had taken over. I could no longer find a place to sit and enjoy my gluttonous pleasures properly. Luckily, my ever present pig-out partner was by my side, and he had a solution– Ron’s West End Pub. 

Only five and a half miles from our original destination, Ron’s seemed located in a completely different world. Unlike most Asbury haunts, there were no crowds to push through to reach the bar, no tattooed 20-somethings talking about music (my boyfriend excluded), and definitely no frills (unless you count random tchotchkes and photographs of celebrities who have clearly never set foot in the place).

Upon entry, we were greeted by the bartender, Elise, and took a seat at the end of the bar near the other six patrons (all of whom were clearly regulars and old bar buddies). We each ordered a Yuengling, and Elise offered us two raffle tickets in return. Apparently, they have this thing going where if you order a Yuengling, you’re automatically entered to win a beach cruiser. Not a bad deal.

We decided on fried clam strips for an appetizer and burgers for dinner. I went BBQ burger, and he went ranch. The food at Ron’s is bar food, plain and simple. The clam strips were breaded and fried and, therefore, delightful. The burgers were about as big as my face and built to fall apart immediately upon being bitten into and, therefore, also delightful.

This place is a straight up, no bullshit attached, local winner.

If you’re looking for the place with the best beer selection, the latest culinary trends, the hottest babes, or the hippest beats, Ron’s probably isn’t your best bet. But if you just need to get the fuck out, sit down, have a bite and a couple beers, and maybe hear a joke from a semi-drunk stranger, check out Ron’s West End Pub.

Ron’s West End Rub, 103 W End Ave, Long Branch, NJ, (732) 229-7611

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