The Acropolis Diner, simply put, is a Diner, with a capital “D.” The menu doesn’t stray far from the usual diner fare, and aside from dozens of trophies for god-only-knows placed about the open kitchen, the decor is remarkably unremarkable. But, man, has that place got diner down pat. From the open kitchen revealing little more than a grease-stained man working a flat top grill, to the waitresses who insist on calling you “hon” whether you’re a six year old Girl Scout or a sixty year old construction worker, they’ve got that shit on lock. And, as an added bonus, the food and service are actually pretty damn good!


It was 11:45am when my boyfriend and ever present greasy spoon sidekick and I made our most recent trip to the Acropolis. So when we got to the breakfast/lunch fork in the road of our dining adventure, we took it. He went breakfast, and I went lunch. Now, I must admit, the Acropolis does make an attempt to set itself apart from other diners by adding a bit of Greek flare to the menu. By “Greek flare” I mean, of course, the menu includes gyros and gyro meat on other normally gyro-less plates. Taking advantage of the theme, my sidekick ordered a late breakfast of two eggs over easy with gyro meat, hash browns, and a side of rye toast. The dish may not have been anything fancy, but the eggs were cooked perfectly, the hash browns got a proper crisp around their edges, and the gyro meat was as tender and greasy as one could ever hope.


While the boyfriend opted for the late breakfast, I chose to skip ahead to an early lunch. Being the burgerphile that I am, and having never eaten a patty melt before in my life, I decided to go for it. I was a little taken aback when the dish came out and there were no fries on my plate, but oh man, that sandwich! Frankly, I don’t know how such a combination of ingredients could have tasted anything less than heavenly (burger, swiss, and sautéed onions placed between two pieces of butter-slathered rye and fried on the flat top? I mean, c’mon!), but, needless to say, it was delicious.


Between our two meals and two cups of coffee, the check came to $15 and change, so, while I was somewhat disappointed my patty melt didn’t come with fries, I left the Acropolis Diner with a smile on my face and a button about to burst forth from my jeans.

THE ACROPOLIS DINER, 506 Main St  Belmar, NJ 07719,  (732) 556-0050

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