I found some old wood pallets on the side of the road this summer so naturally I grabbed two and headed home to hack them up. The good thing about wood palettes is the wood is almost always seasoned, distressed and has a cool old wood look, duh. I’ve wanted a set of shelves for my kitchen for a while and these roadside donations I brought home were willing participants, I imagine happy to be repurposed for another job.

The process was simple using a hammer, a crowbar, a jigsaw, some wood glue, wood deck screws and of course a six pack.

First, break pallets down to their individual boards, have a sip of beer and repeat as needed.

Next, bang out the old nails that held them together. They can be stubborn but the results are worth it. Plus, who wants to get tetanus while reaching for the sea salt. Have another sip of beer.

Customize your shelves to your application but to get you started consider using thicker sides, a base, a back to attach to a wall and a smaller lip for the front. Cut your boards to length and do a test fit of everything. Remember, you found this wood, fuck it up, who cares. Start over if you need to. I did, twice. Make any other modifications you see fit to get the most out of your new wood pallet shelves.

I screwed mine together with a little glue and a few wood screws, I used the same screws to hang the shelves and used a level app on my iPhone to get them straight and level. By now your sixer should be polished off and you should have some cool new shelves hanging from your wall.

Stay tuned for more, DIY for life…

Seth Ferris is a recently appointed Digital Art Director for The Sawtooth Group in Red Bank, a surfer, budding chef, total DIY’er, not quite off the ground moto-lifestyle brand TWO Moto founder and all around creative dude. This long time Ocean Grove resident will show off stuff he likes to build, take a part, repurpose and ride as well contribute in the areas of surf & moto.


  1. Laura says:

    Hey Seth I live in Red bank been to Sawtooth sent waffles over there once and I love your DIY project working on a table made from pallets a big harvest outdoor table for now till I get a bigger place then may use it indoors love your post and glad to see someone using pallets locally it is a big movement oh yeah I also am a vegan chef wow we have lots in common ok good luck with all your cool ventures and Sawtooth they are really cool nice folks.

  2. Seth says:


    They’ve been telling me about these waffles, I need to try… I love waffles! I’ll come and introduce myself one of these days and thanks for the nice response. DIY.


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