ASBURY PARK – “Salvation” is the new show from the folks at Parlor Gallery featuring one of their own, co-owner Jill Ricci along with Parlor represented artist, Porkchop, who in a side note had his proposed downtown and oceanfront murals approved by the city on Tuesday evening. See for details. A high five to the council for getting that through.

The show, which opens on Saturday, October 20 from 7 to 11 p.m. is the culmination of months of hard work by both artists who have used their signature, time-weathered layering styles to transport the viewer into their world.

Parlor tells triCity, “Ms. Ricci has created a large body of new collages, showcasing texture through found papers, metallic finishes, bright paint, hand cut stencils and text in a way that feels as if the pieces were torn from old city walls.”

“One of the most arresting visuals for me is an old wall layered with papers, graffiti and text- our modern hieroglyphics”, says Ricci. “I try to re-create this beauty in my work, the layers of time and decay are what interest me. I hope that the person viewing my work will linger, trying to discover hidden imagery and text and depending on their life experience, fi nd their own meaning or interpretation.”

Lesley Frenz from the Artsy Forager says, “These are the ideas New Jersey artist Jill Ricci strives to convey in her work, those hidden discoveries. By combining elements of advertising ephemera, fabric, wallcoverings and abstraction, Ricci’s work manages to feel at once ancient and modern.”

“With contemporary graphics layered under the patina of paint, these pieces almost feel like we are peeling back the scales from the antiquated to find that what is hidden beneath is not obsolete, but avant-garde. The artist’s layering collected materials mirrors society’s ever abiding search for the next big thing. We are constantly looking for the latest gadget, fashion or whatchmacallit that will give us joy. But perhaps, joy doesn’t come from the newest thing, but looking back with fondness and learning from what has come before.”

Porkchop’s new body of work is inspired by iconography found through out different world religions. Portraits of people from another time peek out from behind layers of paint and ancient symbols. Porkchop has also created several mixed media installations for this show including a gold-leafed human skeleton in it’s own diorama box.

In the back gallery, Parlor will present a small group show of mixed media work by Mark Andrew Allen, Stephen Haigh, and Adriean Koleric.

The Parlor Gallery located at 717 Cookman Ave, Asbury Park. For more information call 732.869.0606 or email

Artwork above by Porkchop.


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