We can’t keep all the good stuff to ourselves here in Asbury Park. Local business owner and artist Scott Szegeski will be taking his work on the road to Outeast Gallery and Goods in Montauk, NY for a show of new works entitled “et-y-mol-o-gy” opening Saturday, June 15th from 7 to 11pm. Szegeski recently had his art on display at the Deus ex Machina’s Venice beach motorcycle and surf shop earlier this year for a benefit for his Lightly Salted surf shop on the Asbury boardwalk that was badly damaged during Hurricane Sandy.

“I’ve been bugging Scott Pitches (the owner of Outeast Gallery) for a couple of years now to have/be part of a show in his gallery. It’s a real cool place, down a real cool street in a real cool part of Montauk. I was part of a group showing (in 2012), and have been working hard the past year to get my own wall space at his place. He agreed and I got to work. The show explores the relationship between surfing terms and how they got their start and how today we use them without even really thinking about where they come from. (An) example is the hatchet fin. The shaper that first made that fin was probably looking at an actual hatchet (and turned that idea into a) surfing instrument. Today we use the term hatchet fin, and don’t give it much thought.”


Szegeski used hand carved California Redwood axe handles, custom inlayed fin boxes, and Dewey Webber hatchet fins to create a 3D sculpture of sorts. Another of his sculptures titled “Jules Vern Goes Surfing”, is a mixed media piece with a bit of a steampunk vibe.

Scott will also be showing some of his gyotaku prints, a traditional Japanese process done using fish (gyo= fish. taku=rubbing).

If you’re in the mood for a nice little road trip, support a local brother and head to Outeast Gallery located at 65 Tuthil Road in Montauk. For more information visit


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