I’ve been following a simple philosophy lately called “make shit happen.” And the idea behind it really is self explanatory. In terms of The Anchor, the “make shit happen” idea applies to the entertainment arm of the website. Over the past 4 months we’ve become event planners of sorts, hosting and presenting a nice mix of art, music and film events. 

Here’s an example of making shit happen. Earlier in the month myself and buddy Seth Ferris hosted a motorcycle helmet art show on the Asbury boardwalk. We reached out to artists we never thought would be interested. We approached magazines and sponsors and assumed they’d say thanks but no thanks. But just about everyone we contacted was totally stoked on what we were doing and wanted to be a part of it. It was really an eye opener that sometimes you just need to shoot for the stars and see what happens. We had about 300 people show up and the night was pretty insane.

Our latest case of making shit happen goes like this. Back in August I reached out to one of my favorite bands of the moment called III Bones, a 3 piece from Ocala, FL who are just getting their feet wet in the music world. I asked if they ever planned on coming up north and that I’d love to book a show with them if that ever were the case. I really didn’t think they’d email me back and say “yeah, let’s do it!” But that was pretty much the case.

They’ll be in Asbury Park this Thursday, September 26th at the AP Yacht Club along with local act Prehistoric Forest. The show is free and starts at 10PM.

Now if you are a fan of original, live music, and who the fuck isn’t, than you really want to check these guys out. The band is fronted by the power cords of Victoria de Benedicty. This chick can sing. Serious pipes on this one. Dalton Woodward plays guitar and Jason Sands is on drums.

IIIbones2Victoria de Benedicty

Here’s how the band describes themselves:

Our music is meant to excite your spirituality, your inner soul. It is known in Sanskrit as Jivanmukta or enlightenment. We have a goal, not of fame and fortune, but to make the world a better place. To change yourself is to change the world and we will donate all of our belongings to live this word.

Musically the trio synthesizes a unique blend of psychedelic rock & roll and R&B soul. This manifests in a mysterious calming experience for any contemporary listener. Essentially, III Bones belongs to the organic genre: music of natural, percussive and acoustic-based instruments. Its roots are in music, natural and good for the soul.

Hear some of their music at http://threebonesofficial.bandcamp.com.

Prehistoric Forest hails from Toms River, NJ. With a sound that’s pure homage to the lofty annals of rock & roll, the band has managed to remain versatile & fresh while recalling a bygone era when terms like “College Rock” & “Gate Fold Sleeve” were still a part of the musical vernacular.

Hear some of their music at http://prehistoricforest.bandcamp.com.

The Asbury Park Yacht Club is located at 2nd Ave and the Sea in Asbury Park next to Langosta Lounge.


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