So you’re a surfer. Whether you can count the amount of times you’ve paddled out into the drink on your fingers or gotten barreled off your gourd after years of trial and error, like it or not, you are a surfer.

At some point within that timeframe you’ve more than likely bought a board. And you’ve also realized that surfboards can be pricey! Fingers crossed you’ve done your homework and that costly board you’re buying with your hard earned green is perfect for you. Don’t get me wrong, surfboard building is a refined craft and boards often deserve the hefty prices they can sometimes fetch, however those pricey boards can eventually get stale and old. Soon enough you’re surfing skills improve and you’re left with, well, an expensive old board that you’re just not interested in or you’ve simply outgrown.

But hold on, someone else out there wants your old board or unused surf gear, trust me! Maybe they’re just learning to surf, or they don’t have the budget for a shiny new stick of resin and fiberglass. Enter Surf Swapper. Surf Swapper is an online service, specifically an account on Instagram, that can help you buy and sell your used surf gear. Simply post pictures of your gear, name your price and add someway for interested parties to reach you. Surf Swapper will repost your photos to interested people specifically looking to buy or sell unwanted surf gear. How do we know? Because they’re following Surf Swapper! It’s a simple solution to a simple problem. Surf Swapper will help you resell or buy old boards, wetsuits, SUP’s and paddles, gloves, boots, surf racks, even shipping services and packaging materials! Follow Surf Swapper @surfswapper on Instagram and tag your photos #surfswapper to have them reposted for you to a very targeted audience. Surf Swapper is a free service and doesn’t want anything from you other then to help you move some gear…

As with any online transaction, trust your gut and protect yourself and your goods and/or funds.

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  1. Melanie Avison says:

    Awesome! My garage full of random sized wetsuits, boards and gear thanks you!

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