Editor’s Note: Anchor contributor Karissa Monica is a tattoo apprentice at Attractive Tattoo on Main Street in Asbury. Every Friday she’ll be showing off her skills with some examples of her flash designs, hence the name Flash Friday.

This little squiggle-squid is one my favorites.  It was my first fully original commissioned design that I got to tattoo on someone.  A friend wanted me to fit a squid on his shoulder above & around, (& maybe even to interact with) a preexisting whale jammer.  

And here’s the result.

I’d like to think this deer-in-headlights, tangle-dancing squid-fella was caught in the deep-end peacocking for a whale. And I’d like to think she was impressed by his tentacular prowess.

Or maybe he’s meditating, twisting and swirling his way to inner peace.

Karissa Monica has her hand in cookie jars all over Asbury. She’s the Assistant Creative Director at triCityNews, a tattoo apprentice at Attractive Tattoo on Main Street and also works the door at Toast on Cookman Ave. Karissa is no doubt a kick ass now, take names later artist and recently collaborated with myself on The Anchor Map Project which is basically a hand drawn map of Asbury with all of our favorite stomping grounds listed on the back. We’ll be passing them out around town and they’ll be available at a few select locations. There will also be an interactive version of the map on the website in the near future.

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