Last night (Monday, July 22) would best be described as epic. Myself, Anchor contributor and owner of Two Moto Co. Seth Ferris and our wrenching and riding partner Jay Demaso took a road trip to New York to promote our upcoming helmet art show, High Seas, Open Roads and to support a moto and surf brand we’re big fans of, Deus ex Machina. That’s us in all our glory in the killer photo above (lots more pics here).

Deus, whose sole US location is in Venice, CA hosted Munday Mass (a play on their Sunday Mass events back in California), a ride from 82 Mercer Street in the SoHo section of Manhattan to Bar Matchless in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

deus4The starting point outside Liberty Fairs, 82 Mercer Street in SoHo. Photo @deusemporium

We Jersey boys were the first ones there. Within 10 minutes of parking our bikes outside Liberty Fairs, the street was saturated with fellow bikers, photographers and rain. All in all about 70 bikes were present. With a light drizzle falling, engines fired up and the roar of exhaust reverberating against brick buildings and cobblestone streets, throttles were pulled as crowds hooted and hollered and lightbulbs flashed.

deus5Our bikes all in a row. Photo from

The ride took us down the West Side Highway, through the Battery Park Underpass, onto FDR Drive, and over the Queensboro Bridge into Brooklyn where we arrived at our destination at Matchless. Free beer, streetside barbecue and some good conversation with new friends about bikes. Not a bad night in my book. We spread the good word about Asbury Park to those who hadn’t a clue about it. It’s always fun breaking down stereotypes. People think of New Jersey and want to throw up. But most have never been to this part of town and if they had they’d be quite surprised. We’ve got everything you’ve got only on a smaller scale and on the beach. And we’re dead center between Philly and New York, just an hour from each.

deus2The ride begins. Photo @deusemporium

Ferris, Demaso and myself represented well. We no doubt had some of the best looking bikes there if I don’t say so myself. And we met a ton of great people who all shared a similar passion for motorcycles. Hopefully some of these fine folks will find their way down to Asbury Park for High Seas, Open Roads on September 7th. We also picked up Deus as a sponsor for the event.

deus6Above: Jason Thomson, Jay Demaso and Seth Ferris. Photo by Namit Saksena

A steady rain soaked us on our way out of town but even though we were drenched top to bottom, inside and out, you couldn’t get the smiles off our faces. Definitely looking forward to the next Munday Mass, sooner rather than later.

deus3Over the Queensboro Bridge. Photo @deusemporium

deus7Ending at Bar Matchless on Manhattan Ave. in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Photo @asburyanchor


Photo at top: (L to R) Jason Thomson, Jay Demaso and Seth Ferris. Photo by Grass Monkey Holdings 



  1. So glad you guys could make it out for the ride. Really appreciate all the kind words. Looking forward to doing fun stuff out on the East Coast here in the near future!

  2. Gene says:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts about foot fetish cams.

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