The Anchor is super excited to be sponsoring The Showroom’s 10/10/10 Summer Music Film Series which kicks off on Thursday, July 4th. That’s 10 music films, over the course of 10 weeks for $10.

I reached out to Nancy Sabino and Mike Sodano about screening the new documentary A Band Called Death, a few weeks back after seeing the trailer online. The film premiers on June 28th in select theatres around the country. They got back soon after and said let’s do it. That’s what I call making shit happen.

And it’s a great example of the importance of supporting local, independent business – in this case a small, art house theater right here in our backyard. You just wouldn’t have the same accessibility with a larger theater.  And a film like A Band Called Death would 9 times out 10 never be screened here in Asbury Park without a venue like The Showroom. You’d have to travel to New York of Philly to see it. Not anymore.

Our collaboration with The Showroom is one of the reasons we started this website. The Anchor is now sponsoring all types of events: music, art shows, film, etc. Our goal is to promote what’s here on a regular basis and to create our own events, in conjunction with our mother ship publication, triCityNews.


It started with our film series, Through the Porthole which we premiered at Café Volan last month and which featured From Seed to Sprout vegan restaurant in Avon who catered the evening. We had a huge turnout and all in all it was a great night in downtown Asbury. We’ve continued with our music events at Langosta Lounge. On Friday, July 5th we’ll be hosting the band Vietnam (featuring drummer Joey Pisch from Sweet Joey’s). On Saturday, July 6th we’ll present Los Angeles based Latin band Very Be Careful at Asbury Lanes. We’re working on an art show later this summer at Asbury Park Yacht Club which we’ll be announcing in the near future. We’re also working with the Asbury Park Film Initiative on a surf film night at The Showroom as well sometime in July. The list continues.

The point is there are all of these amazing little businesses and groups around here and we all should be putting our heads together and promoting one another. The Anchor is the vessel to bring all this great stuff together and push it forward.

So, A Band Called Death. Yes. Here is the synopsis. This film looks insane and you should no doubt check it out.

Before Bad Brains, the Sex Pistols or even the Ramones, there was a band called Death.

Punk before punk existed, three teenage brothers in early ’70s Detroit formed a band in their spare bedroom, began playing a few local gigs and even pressed a single in the hopes of getting signed. But this was the era of Motown and emerging disco. Record companies found Death’s music— and band name—too intimidating, and the group were never given a fair shot, disbanding before they even completed one album. Equal parts electrifying rockumentary and epic family love story, “A Band Called Death” chronicles the incredible fairy-tale journey of what happened almost three decades later, when a dusty 1974 demo tape made its way out of the attic and found an audience several generations younger. Playing music impossibly ahead of its time, Death is now being credited as the first black punk band (hell…the first punk band!), and are finally receiving their long overdue recognition as true rock pioneers.

We’ll be releasing more details in the coming weeks about future 10/10/10 films so stay tuned.

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