Myself and good pal Seth Ferris, owner of Two Moto Co., have been busting our asses the past 7 months putting together a motorcycle helmet art show featuring artists of all stripes from around the country.

“High Seas, Open Roads” is a motorcycle helmet art show that incorporates our love for both the ocean and the blacktop. The show happens Saturday, September 7th at 8PM at Asbury Park Yacht Club located in the Second Avenue pavilion on the boardwalk. 

Now we are by no means doing something that’s never been done before. We got the idea from a little motorcycle/coffee shop out in Portland, OR called See See Motor and Coffee. They put on a show called 21 Helmets which has become a big deal in the moto world. They’ve also expanded to Austin, TX and were recently invited to show their helmets at Sturgis, the world’s biggest motorcycle gathering.

So we decided we wanted to bring a similar style event here to Asbury Park. It’s easy to do this kind of shit in a big city (well, maybe not easy but definitely easier). But to do it here is a whole different ballgame. Just getting people to take you seriously when you say you’re from New Jersey is a challenge. But so far we’ve been getting some national attention for the show which is good for us and even better for Asbury.

We’ve had nothing but a huge response from everyone we’ve reached out to.  Step one was getting a helmet company on board to donate some lids. An email to Bell Helmets of our idea and a “sure, how many helmets do you need and where do we send them?” was enough for us to go after everyone we wanted involved in the show, no matter how big and out of reach we thought there were. Bell shipped out 14 of their Custom 500 open face helmets within a week of us asking.

Deus ex Machina, a motorcycle and surf company based out of Australia and with a shop in Venice, CA is sponsoring the event along with Dice Magazine (Hollywood, CA and London), Iron and Air Magazine (New Hampshire), Lowside Magazine (Baltimore), Seaweed and Gravel (Encinitas, CA), CafeRacerXXX (Baltimore), In Trim Surf Co. (Bradley Beach), Lightly Salted Surf Mercado (Asbury Park) and of course the triCity affiliated and Two Moto Co.


We reached out to artists from around the country and just about everyone we approached was completely stoked about the show. Russ Morland, who goes by Lurk is from Nanaimo, British Columbia in Canada. His work is second to none. And he’s one hell of a tattoo artist. He owns a shop called Electric Umbrella.

Lurk’s pal 309 moves largely under the radar. He’s done work for pro skater and snowboarder Shawn White and wears a Luchador mask to hide his identity. 309 also hails from Canada.

Ryan Lovelace is one of the best surfboard shapers in the world. The Santa Barbara, CA native is currently shaping boards for Deus (and for himself) and he has a connection with Glide Surf Co. in Asbury Park where he visits a few times a year to shape boards for the shop. He was just in town a few weeks and screened his film “Almost Cut My Hair” at Glide.

Doug Werner aka Mucho Moto is a freelance illustrator from Chicago who combines his love for art and design with motorcycles to create some serious work that is blowing up in the motorcycle world.

Gorgeous George hails from Wendell, North Carolina, loves skateboards and motorsickles and has a sick gun and knife collection. His work can be seen often at Show Class Magazine.

We approached Christian Cantiello and Max Gordon, both of Philadelphia (Gordon is originally from Belmar) completely independently from one another. Turns out the two are friends which is an ironic twist of fate. Cantiello is one hell of a sign painter and his lettering skills are legit. Gordon is a screen printer who was recently featured in an art show at Cowerks on Lake Ave. in Asbury.

Karissa Monica is our only local, and female, in the show. We purposely decided not to use local artists in order to give this show some national attention and to bring in artists who most have never seen before. But Monica was the one exception.

Monica is also a fellow employee of the triCity media empire and a tattoo artist. We wanted to give Karissa a shot because she is a super talented artist and we believe in her wholeheartedly. When you see what she’s done with her lid you’ll feel the same way.

But it wasn’t just artists we reached out to. We also wanted to see what the creative departments at Dice Magazine (one of the world’s biggest moto mags) and Seaweed and Gravel, a moto and surf company whose part owner, Luke Ditella, is a regular in Asbury Park, could come up with for a design. Let’s just say the helmet from Dice is a train wreck which is exactly what they wanted. Actually it’s pretty hysterical.

“High Seas, Open Roads” will also feature live music from Birthwater as well as live screenprinting by In trim Surf Co. of our HSOR tees which will be on sale for $15. There will also be a raffle of items from Deus, Lightly Salted, Lurk, Lowside Mag, Iron and Air and more. All the helmets are for sale and can be bid on during our silent auction. The helmets are also completely wearable and DOT approved. Proceeds will go to the charity Waves 4 Water.

More details can be found at or by emailing us at

Photo above: Helmets by Lurk and Mucho Moto. 


  1. Jessica Oaks says:

    Hi Anchor!
    I just found out about your helmet art show, and I absolutely love the idea! I was wondering if I can submit a helmet to the show? And if so, how do I go about doing that? I am a surfy california artist, working mostly with painting. I also ride and have never really thought about doing art on a helmet! I would love to submit an original painted helmet to the show! Please email me back at, I look forward to hearing from you!

    Jessica Oaks

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