The Anchor recognizes the 60th birthday of famed Clash frontman Joe Strummer (August 21, 1952). The below shot was taken on the Asbury boardwalk by famed rock photographer David McGough back in 1982 prior to The Clash’s show at Convention Hall.

McGough told us a few months back during an interview, “I was down there at the concert. The record company had set up a photo shoot with the band. They were real assholes. Joe Strummer was yelling at me, ‘who the fuck is this guy? How many pics you gonna take?’ I guess he was pissed about having to get up before noon. The other guys didn’t say a word.”

McGough, who is a fan of The Clash, just brushed it off. “I was surprised but I didn’t care.” It was years later looking back on that moment and on the band itself that he appreciated how important The Clash have become in the lore of music history. “There was nobody better than them. They were the best. I love those guys.”

R.I.P. Joe Strummer

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