I’d like to think I’m a pretty good gift giver. Seriously, I pay attention to people’s interests and listen to what they say. It’s rather easy folks, try it! …pfft, thanks for the wool socks last year Aunt Bee. Anyway, it’s about giving not getting, right? Buying gifts is easy but they’re never as effective as if they contain a little soul, trust me. 

This year I thought I’d try something different, something “sort of homemade, ” something crafted, something that says from Seth. I put together (in other words, purchased) a collection of root beers, packaged them up with care (in other words found these four pack holders online) and personally branded (in other words designed a logo and printed up some stickers).

So why root beer? Why not! Everyone loves root beer. Chill up a cold frosty mug, pour, sit back and relax. Build the perfect root beer float with the kids and become and instant hero. Or, chug a bottle real fast with a worthy opponent and have a good old fashioned burping contest! The point is, if your still looking for that perfect gift to give this year try putting together something from your personality, your soul, your heart. Think original, add something handmade, and don’t forget to do it yourself.

Seth Ferris is a recently appointed Digital Art Director for The Sawtooth Group in Red Bank, a surfer, budding chef, total DIY’er, not quite off the ground moto-lifestyle brand TWO Moto founder and all around creative dude. This long time Ocean Grove resident will show off stuff he likes to build, take a part, repurpose and ride as well contribute in the areas of surf & moto.

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