It’s hard not to rally behind a guy like Ocean Grove resident Seth Ferris, the Digital Art Director at Sawtooth in Red Bank. Ferris started Two Moto. Co. early last year in the D.I.Y. spirit that we always rally behind (see the complete collection at Just a passionate guy in his apartment (the same 300 sq ft, second floor apartment where he completely rebuilt his 1971 Honda CB450 a few years back) designing simple yet well designed tees and hats on his computer and selling them online. Two Moto Co. is quickly making a name for itself in close knit motorcycle circles around the world. With sales stretching across the globe, from France to Australia to South America and here in the US, Ferris is working hard to take his clothing line to the next level.

So far his success can largely be attributed to grassroots marketing, using social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook and exploiting local talent like Dave Sincox of Popup Prints in Bradley Beach to screen-print his shirts.

Asbury Park’s Cafe Volan (510 Bangs Ave) will be hosting a Two Moto Co. popup shop on Sunday, December 15th from 9 to 5pm. Ferris is promoting his “Stay Warm” series which is all about staying warm while wrenching in the garage. Beanies, crew neck sweaters, shirts, tees, belts and more will be on display. Don’t miss this one time opportunity to buy some unique holiday gifts and support two local establishments that complement one another perfectly.

We asked Ferris a few questions about the origins of Two Moto and where its heading in the coming months. Here’s what he had to say


What inspired the Two Moto brand?

Honestly, Two Moto started as a design project for a continuing education class. I was in a funk and needed a creative boost in my life. I took some classes up at Parsons in NYC and one of the assignments for a class I was taking was to brand and market a company of your own. I had just finished my first bike build and was getting completely immersed by the motorcycle life. A motorcycle-inspired brand with some graphic design roots was a perfect fit at the time. I made up a few logos, some posters and toyed with the idea of a coffee table book – a collection of images showcasing the feeling behind Two Moto. It was all for fun (and non-transferable credit, ha!) so my creativity was able to just really flow. To keep things going and pretend to be real, I stealthily wheat pasted some posters I had printed up in Asbury Park down by the boardwalk – they were quickly removed the next day. I started taking more artsy photos of my bike, thinking of other ways to make these logos come to life and really got into this brand becoming something tangible. I began thinking up some motorcycle mottos and consequently “Two Wheels & Two Pistons” was born on my kitchen chalkboard wall. That design was our first shirt (and most popular) and it’s all been an organic growth from there.


How has Two Moto grown since starting up last year?

It’s really blown me away actually. I set up a legit online store after pushing a very small amount of shirts through Instagram. BikeExif (a popular motorcycle blog) posted one of them to there Pinterest account and orders began rolling in. Naturally other shirt designs have been produced and received just as well. Whenever an international order comes in, and they do – Brazil, France, Italy and Australia all rep Two Moto Co.- I’m humbled. We’ve shipped to at least 25 of the 50 us states and have a nice little digital following that continues to grow. A small shop in Indiana, City-Moto inquired about selling our gear in their store and that was it, our wholesale cherry was popped. They put in a small order but really made me think this thing is a moving train and I just need to keep fueling it. It’s still just part time for me but it’s a total blast and i love it. We’ve recently been contacted by Nephews Skateshop in Port Monmouth about them carrying Two Moto gear. Needless to say, i’m floored.


Tell me about the Stay Warm series?

In short, I’m lucky enough to have some great friends with like minded lives, all with motorcycles, art and surf influences. One in particular has a garage, a rarity in Ocean Grove. This place is a workshop, a hangout, a church and a freezer (when the weather gets cold). I’m a big knit hat fan and decided it would be a great way to get into the beanie market. We all need warm clothes in this place or you’re not hanging there longer than a few minutes. Designs chosen have proven to sell well in other ways on truckers and on shirts so the line was born. We’ve got three different styles and four different color ways. We’ve sourced some inexpensive but powerfully warm hats and done all of the sewing ourselves. The result is a great looking hat that will keep you warm, looking great and not rock your holiday budget boat


Where do you hope to see Two Moto a year from now? 

If things keep going the way they are I’ll be happy. This is all just a side job for me and I might even just call it a hobby. I don’t know when you take that next step with a business…when do you jump in with both feet? Honestly, I’ve only been trying to keep myself happy with coming up with some cool gear, making a very tiny profit and having fun with the whole project. If things are the same in a year I’ll be completely content. I’d love to have a few more products in the market and another retail account or two, that would send me over the moon.

Photos by Rob Cusick.


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