Parlor Gallery (717 Cookman Ave. in Asbury Park) is hosting the opening reception for their next 2 exhibits on Saturday, September 13th from 7 to 11pm.

“Between Words”, a solo exhibition by Kyle Stewart happens in the back gallery. Stewart, one of the winners of Parlor’s Juried Exhibition curated by Jonathan Levine in 2013, will present eight new oil paintings which continue the exploration of his memories of nature, the details of which are transformed by the passage of time, sentiment and his urban environment. The figures that now appear alongside organic forms represent the disconnect with nature the artist feels when painting landscapes from far removed memories. This will be Kyle’s first US solo exhibition.

kyleKyle Stewart

“In Her Appearance”, new works by Christine Wu, Melissa Haslam and Hannah Yata will happen in the main gallery.

Christine Wu is a Los Angeles based artist whose work captures the ephemeral and fragmented body in flux. Wu combines figurative painting, gold leaf and careful line-work to generate fractal visions of her subjects. These works are haunting and sensual, lovely impressions of a visionary mind.

yuChristine Wu

She is a habitual trouble maker and professional rule breaker. Stylistically, her work is multi-layered with haunting and sexual undertones. She often depicts people in flux, capturing the vulnerability of self discovery and the lingering ghosts of memories best left to the past. Miss Wu lives in the land of the lotus-eaters and paints in a bear suit while listening to car alarms.

In Hannah Yata’s own words, “I love working with the feminine form. The female embodies so much in terms of imagery and symbolism. For things such as nature, oppression, beauty, love, emotion, sexuality there are so many layers and facets one can glean from representing the woman. As I approach the idea of femininity I bring with it my own experiences growing up as a woman and the difficulties and struggles that I have fought. The psychology of how women are portrayed in art and the media are amplified and exposed in my work. In turn, I’ve reinterpreted my experiences and how women are portrayed in today’s society to also extend to how it seems that we as individuals and as a race have objectified, commodified and exploited women, animals, and nature.”

yataHannah Yata

Melissa Haslam graduated with a Bachelor of Computing (Multimedia Technology) from Deakin University in Melbourne, Australia. After working in computer graphics for a few years she found herself wanting to push her creative skills further and went back to school to study Visual Arts at RMIT, focusing on painting and drawing.

With an emphasis on narrative theme and a romanticized, escapist view of the world, her paintings are populated by beautiful females in fairytale-like scenarios. Influences include botanical drawings, the pre-raphaelites, japanese illustration and contemporary fashion photography. She has exhibited extensively in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

yaslamMelissa Haslam

Kyle Stewart, Christine Wu and Hannah Yata will be in attendance

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