Independent horror film Two Pints Lighter, much of which was shot in Asbury Park, is premiering this Saturday, March 2nd at the Paramount Theatre at 7:30PM. $8 regular admission, $5 with a valid student ID.

The film goes a bit like this. Wade has issues. He drinks too much, he bites women and he has an insatiable taste for blood. He is a loner, bound by a successful routine that has kept his vices thriving. But after a night of promiscuous feeding lands him in trouble with the locals, Wade flees to a small coastal town, vowing to change his ways and bring an end to his nomadic lifestyle. Will a punk rock girl, a job at a bowling alley and a self-help group ultimately be enough to change his nature? Two Pints Lighter is a surreal, subversive comedy with a bite all its own. An after party will be held at Asbury Lanes which is seen prominently in the film.

Starring Ryan Conrath, Hannah Rebecca Telle
Directed by Matthew John Lawrence
Written by Matthew John Lawrence, Addie Stuber & Ryan Conrath
Produced by Matthew John Lawrence, Michael Lawrence, Scott Ballard & Ryan Conrath
Cinematography by Scott Ballard
Editing by Matthew John Lawrence

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