I ventured into New York Friday night for Wayward Bound, a launch party and motorcycle unveil for Hammarhead Motorcycles at The Ace Hotel’s Liberty Hall. The night was a good one. The bikes? Eh. Wasn’t impressed. Naturally, design is subjective. I just wasn’t feeling what I saw.

All in all 3 custom Moto Guzzi bikes were on display from Hammarhead, a Philly based moto company. A totally stock looking Guzzi, a café racer and another bike inspired by cross country riding. Out of the 3, this was the one I liked most. The best part of this 744cc Moto Guzzi v-twin was the polished metal tank and fenders. The canvas black saddle bags were a bit simplistic. And overall, I just wasn’t the biggest fan of the look and feel. But in terms of quality, this bike is no doubt well built and you’d have no problem driving from here to California with plenty of performance and comfort.  

After hanging out with fellow moto riders Seth Ferris and Jay Demaso (both of their bikes have been featured on The Anchor) drinking free, cold beer, we decided it was time for a bite to eat. We headed upstairs to The Breslin. Now this place oozes both style and substance. The food here is legit. But unfortunately the wait was over an hour and a half. Not happening.

V7 Wayward by Hammarhead Motorcycles

So we headed straight to my trusty standby, The Ear Inn over on Spring Street on the west side of Manhattan. Now The Ear is considered the oldest working bar in NYC. The building is steeped in history. From drunken sailors, to gambling and tall tales. Local blues bandit Ken “Stringbean” Sorensen often plays here on Monday nights. They also have some of the best burgers in the city. Which is what I had along with some pork dumplings and some more cold beer. After some analysis of the bikes we had seen earlier in the evening, we headed out for a smoke and called it a night.

The Ear Inn

But things got interesting on the ride home. We were almost immediately herded into a DWI checkpoint just outside the Holland Tunnel. The officer told me to roll down the window and asked if I had been drinking. I complied and said I had a couple beers. “OK, well there’s a heavy smell of alcohol coming from the vehicle. Pull over there.” Oh shit! But I knew I was fine. I was asked to step out of the car and blow. “Don’t stop till I tell ya.” After blowing for about 5 seconds, the one cop says to the other, “it’s pretty low” and instructs me to blow again.” Blow. Blow. Blow. Wait. Wait. Wait. Fingernail biting. Even though I was confident I was in the clear, I began imagining myself going to some dumpy New York jail cell for the rest of the weekend and making new friends who specialize in guns, drugs and murder. And then….”OK, have a good night.”

Whew! Don’t drink and drive.


  1. Jake says:

    I usually dig the stuff from Hammarhead, and I realize the point of a cross country bike is to ride long distances, but that tank… woof! I’d rather stop for gas every 100 miles.

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